“Eye of the Soul” … or My Review of It, To Start

It’s a book birthday! The latest J. Taylor Publishing novel has left the nest, and I had the chance to read and review an advance copy! Here’s the rundown, folks:

The Book: “Eye of the Soul (Pool of Souls #1)” by Terri Rochenski.


Genre: Fantasy.



That should be Hyla’s first thought as her people are chained and imprisoned for no imaginable reason.

Instead, Hyla finds herself traveling through a land void of Natives, with human soldiers pillaging in desperate pursuit of her, and in search of the mystical Pool of Souls—home to the one man who can save her people.

Or so she believes.

Led by her faith in the deity Fadir, Hyla is met along her journey by Jadon—a human male and fierce King’s warrior, and his childhood best friend Conlin—one of the few Natives aware of his Fadir-given Talents.

Protected by Jadon, guided by Conlin, and with an unfailing belief in the purpose of her pilgrimage, Hyla carries on.

Like her, though, another searches for the Pool, and should he gain access first, everyone she loves, and everything she knows, could be lost.


My Thoughts: This was a pleasant read. Not saying there was anything pleasant about the mistreatment of the Natives at the hands and mystifying power of the cruel High Priest, mind you. But I mean, I did get through the whole book in one day, so that ought to tell you something.

Speaking of High Priest Belwig, he was a good bad guy – properly ruthless and creepy, with a plausible motivation behind his horrendous acts.

Meanwhile, on the side of right, I enjoyed the friendship between Jadon and Conlin, as well as the characters themselves. Both were brave and self-sacrificial, which I love in a hero. And poor Hyla may not have felt so brave or equipped to face her dire circumstances, but soldiered ahead the best she knew how, never surrendering to legitimate fear, self-pity, and doubt. For that, I commend her.

HSYRT? (Hey, Should You Read This?): A little political (but not to the point where my eyes completely glazed over), a little inspirational (but not to the point where it read like a sermon disguised as a novel), and with an ending that had me sighing with tension relieved and questioning what was to come on the same breath, I’m game to follow Hyla, Jadon, and Conlin into their next book of adventure. You are all totally invited to do the same. …once you’ve read Book One, of course – which you can do, starting today!

Terri Rochenski will be visiting here with a guest post on November 5th as a part of her Eye of the Soul blog tour! In the meantime, her book is now available here:

Amazon Paperback  /  Amazon Kindle  /  Barnes & Noble  /  Kobo

And she’s got a giveaway going on! So go out and cast your eye over this author’s new work, and be sure to let her know if/when you love it. (:

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