Custom of the Week: Haku (and the #PonyFest13 winner!)

The #PonyFest13 results are in! After a neck-and-neck race with Tempest by Aly, did My Little Edgwyn Pony come out in front? ^^ Read on for the final report! ~Deshipley

Rebecca Enzor

Wow, Aledans. #PonyFest13 was a wild ride this year. Despite waking up early on Saturday, I stayed up until Midnight so I could see the poll (there’s no way to stop people from voting after midnight, as I learned last year) and announce the winner. But before the winner, we have an awesome custom pony to show off! I came across this one on DeviantArt and could not resist featuring it. I saw Spirited Away with one of my best friends in college, and it was my first foray into full-length anime (also: ducks in baths!) so this one is kind of special to me, because it reminds me of that night 🙂

The whiskers! I love them! I can’t get enough of this pony 🙂

But now, on to the PonyFest13 results. The winner, with an un-HERD-of (pun intended) 50% of the vote is….

Congratulations Danielle! You had…

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