“Journal” or “An Inspired Giveaway!”

Five months until the release of my debut novel through J. Taylor Publishing, “Inspired”!

Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a while to wait. So hey, to help pass the time, how about we have a little giveaway up in here? ^^

Kinda makes you want to have a copy of the anthology for your digital reading device, doesn’t it?
Kinda makes you want to have a copy of the anthology for your digital reading device, doesn’t it?

Or, what the heck. We’ll have two.

The “One More Day” e-ARC contest is closed. Congratulations to winner Eric Wilder! Continue reading for details on the ongoing “Inspired” Journal Contest!

Giveaway One: Courtesy of our friends at JTP, I’ve got an e-ARC of “One More Day” to bequeath unto one lucky somebody! Want a chance to read and review a copy of the YA anthology ahead of everybody who’s got to wait until December? Entry is simple: Just tell me you want in! From those entered, I’ll draw a name and announce/contact the winner on Saturday (Oct. 19), so you’ve got ‘til then to give me a holler. Here, I’ll pause to give you a sec to get your entry in right now.

*time freezes, “One More Day”-style*

. . .

. . .

. . .

Back already? Righteo then, moving on to Giveaway Two:

In the novel “Inspired”, one of the traits that characterizes teen protagonist Annabelle is her journaling habit – she buys them by the armload, fills them from cover to cover with story ideas, even names them. I was the same way, at her age (minus the naming part, which is strange, since I used to name almost everything else), and that phase of my life has left me with several fine, empty notebooks still awaiting someone to put pen or pencil to their pages. I’ll never get around to it, which is why I’m passing the privilege on to seven – yes, I said and meant seven – lucky winners. Take a look at the prizes up for grabs!

Journal Giveaway 01

Journal #One sports a pale green cover, soft and springy to the touch. Also spring-like is the pink flower through which a bright orange rubber ribbon keeps the book snugly closed until you’re ready to write.

Journal #Two is a shiny, psychedelic blue hardcover artfully covered (by moi) in stickers representing countries all over the world.

Journal Giveaway 02

Journal #Three is all class with an exquisitely-bordered hardback leather cover featuring a gentle magnetic clasp.

Journal #Four shares the magnetic clasp feature, meaning your pocket-sized journal will stay safely closed until you’ve gazed to your heart’s content at the bird- and flora-filled cover art suggestive of stained glass.

Journal Giveaway 03

Journal #Five models Australian chic, its cover depicting a kangaroo silhouette leaving tracks across a background of sandy waves.

Journal #Six is softback leather in sophisticated dark brown, perfect for giving your scribbles an air of timeless importance.

Journal #Seven’s hardback cover is a work of still-life art, boasting a stylish assemblage of fruit and calla lilies over a varied pastel background.

Oh, and did I mention that each and every journal will come with a signed “Inspired” bookmark? Because they will. (:

Journal Giveaway 04

So, how can you enter to win one of these seven superlative prizes? (Okay, maybe “superlative” is taking it a bit far, but come on, after that catalog of notebook pitches, I’m running out of descriptors, here!) All it will take is an answer to any or all of the following inspirational questions”:

What’s the greatest idea you ever had?

For the writers/artists out there, tell me about your muse. What does he look like? Describe her personality. How well (or badly) do the two of you get along?

Who or what do you find simply inspiring?

(And if I notice you spreading the word about the giveaway in social media places, you can bet that will up your name’s occurrence in the raffle pool, too. ;D)

Also, tell me which journal you want. List your first, second, and third choice (or heck, you can rank all seven, if you like). The order in which I draw the seven winning names at raffle’s end will determine who gets first pick. Here’s hoping as many winners as possible get one of their favorites!

You have from now until pretty much just before I announce the winners to enter, and that announcement shall go forth on Monday, October 28th. (Because nothing says “happy [two days early] birthday to me” like presents for y’all.)

So, in summary, tell me if wanna win an e-ARC of “One More Day, and answer the questions above in the comments below for a chance to win your pick of journals and an “Inspired” bookmark. And now, one final word from the inspiration behind Giveaway Two…


* * * * *

For a muse like Lucianíel, one story’s end is another’s beginning.

In the wake of his author’s sudden death, Luc takes ownership of her surviving creations—four fantastical characters with tales yet to be told—saving them from unwritten lives crumbling around them and giving them a second chance at a literary future.

Luc finds that chance in the unsuspecting mind of Annabelle Iole Gray, a quirky teen with her head in the clouds, nose in a book, and imagination ripe for a brilliant muse’s inspiration.

Or so he hopes.

Neither Luc nor Annabelle, however, realize all they’ve undertaken. Even with a to-write list including accounts of a shape-shifting cat creature, gentle knight-in-training, vigilante skater girl, and a mystery boy smothering in unspoken fear, the most remarkable saga created between author and muse just may turn out to be one stranger than fiction.

Their own.

16 thoughts on ““Journal” or “An Inspired Giveaway!”

  1. Dang, it’s so hard not to enter your giveaways. XD So much awesomeness to be had! Ok I’m not too sure what’s the greatest idea I’ve ever had! I have a lot of good ideas but none strike me as great. lol Maybe a great idea is a solution to a problem I had in a story is the best I can come up with. haha

    Huh, never thought about my muse. Let’s see, I think she is tomboyish like me and likes to wear a hood over her head to either hide or protect herself, she never said which one it was. She likes to pretend she’s dark and mysterious but inside she’s all sparkly. She tends to be easily distracted so she tends to wander off sometimes and in the most inopportune times but always comes after awhile when called. We get along well, she wanders off more than I’d like but is quite serious when she needs to be and sometimes she hits me randomly when sometimes I’d just prefer to sleep. *gets smacked internally* Ouch *rubs back of the head*. Ok she’s always there when I need her but she gave up constantly pestering me into letting her help me create when I’m online doing nothing. I keep telling her it’s research but she seems to see right through me. <_<;;

    I find anyone who is passionately involved in their creativity inspiring. Seeing end results and the process of how an artist gets to the finished product is always inspiring to me. lol

    1-Most wanted to 7-Least wanted

    1. Journal #Six
    2. Journal #Three
    3. Journal #Five
    4. Journal #Four
    5. Journal #Two
    6. Journal #Seven
    7. Journal #One

    Thanks for the great giveaway! 😀

    • Don’t resist! XD I love your entries.

      Agreed: A much-needed solution to a nagging story problem always feels like the best, most beautiful idea EVER!
      And your muse sounds like a good egg — much more pleasant to work with than some of the people my head has housed. (Naming no names! Nobody punish me!)
      *feels inspiring* :3

      You are quite welcome! Best of luck winning one of your favorites, Aisa!

  2. Ooh, fun! Hm, my muse… well, it’s a she… she’s pretty shy, I would say she doesn’t really talk to anyone but me, and that’s only because she knows I listen to her ideas. She doesn’t nag much, unless it’s been forever since I’ve written and we’re both going crazy. She likes hats with brims, and I think she’s dirty-blonde. She’s picky about stories she offers. She examines every single one before suggesting them, because she knows if I could I would write all of them. 😉

    As far as journals go, I like #4, #3, and #6, in that order. 😀

    • Hat’s with brims are super-stylin’. 😀 And so considerate of your muse to have such a meticulous screening process for ideas. I like the sound of her!

  3. Kim Matura submits (via my contact form, so we’ll just slip it in here for official entry):

    The most amazing idea I have had is Hannah the Hippo. She is a character in a children’s book I’m writing. She goes on such adventures. Also, I have recently sent out stuffed hippos like Flat Stanley’s and in the process of adding a website so kids can post pics of Hannah on adventures around the world. I will also pick adventures for Hannah from the pictures submitted.
    #3, 1, 6, 2, 4, 5, 7

  4. I hope I’m in time to get in on this.

    I’ve actually never thought much about my muse before. Or rather, I haven’t thought about her in awhile.

    She’s quiet, but has a slightly snarky sense of humor. Long, dark, curling hair. She’s taller than me and strong. She loves blue dresses and sunshine. We get along very well. She is as happy in my company as I am in hers.

    Sometimes she brings a man with her. He tends not to say much to either of us, especially while we are working. I’ve only spoken to him a few times, but he has a deep voice and laughing dark eyes. But to talk to me, I hardly ever seen him look away from her.

    I would love to win the ARC.

    Journals: 3, 6, 4, 7, 5, 1, 2

    • You’re in plenty of time for the journal giveaway (it runs ’til almost the end of the month), and got in just under the wire for the ARC giveaway. I’ll be drawing the winning name pretty much right after I finish this comment — so good luck!

      I am in favor of blue dresses and sunshine. ^.^ And gotta love a muse who brings friends along. The more, the merrier!

  5. I’m not sure “muse” really works as a title for mine–since I’ve got about six million. Each individual character within a story serves as their own muse, which means they are entirely pesky and demanding and all “so so” about just what needs to be done and said. Unless they hate me and refuse to talk to me, which is slightly awkward, in which case, I suppose the one you might call my actual muse steps in. She’s got rippling blonde curls decorated with golden leaf ornaments, bare feet, and wears a lime green ballgown. Not much of one for jewelry, but she does have a single golden rose ring she favors. Her emerald eyes shine with unlimited knowledge, but she knows great loss as well –knowing everything will do that to you– She and I make a pretty good team. I call her Ancardia.

    As for journals, the order of my greatest to least delight, is: Six, Four, Three, Five, Two, Seven, One.

    Thanks a bunch, D!

  6. A journal giveaway! You read my mind!

    Anyways, I’m really not sure about the ‘greatest idea’ I’ve ever had. I guess I could say it was the one I had for a dystopian novel I’m thinking of writing, but at the same time, that would only be a personally great idea. I’m not sure if anyone else would like it, especially in the current times with so much other dystopian out there at the moment.

    As far as my muse, her name is Louise. She’s got the stern old lady with glasses stereotype going on. Her hair is short but curly and strawberry blonde. She has glasses but she rarely seems to look out them–usually she looks over her glasses at me with the stern look that implies I should be doing something other than schoolwork (such as writing, probably). She is quite particular and she is very, very time-oriented. She hates waiting and when an idea strikes her, she must write it down instantly. She and I don’t always get along because she can’t wait and she doesn’t appear to realize I have a life outside of hers.

    There is no particular person or thing that I find inspiring. I find inspiration in almost everything. Topics come up in the classroom where I’ll find inspiration. Sometimes I find inspiration in a particularly beautiful scene or from a TV show or movie. Sometimes a picture, or something someone says will give me inspiration. The inspiration for my dystopian novel actually came from a discussion in a high school social class.

    List of journals I want from most to least:
    1. Journal #1
    2. Journal #6
    3. Journal #5

    • Ah well, “dysptopian” is only a genre, after all. Still plenty of room within it to make it something stand-out new. (:

      “She doesn’t appear to realize I have a life outside of hers.” — and if that doesn’t just summarize my biggest complaint regarding the invisible folk in our heads… XD

      Thanks for chiming in, Marissa, and best of luck to you in the giveaway!

  7. What’s the greatest idea you ever had?

    I don’t even remember when it occurred to me, but I’d have to say writing is the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m not even sure I had a choice in the matter, since the stories and characters have seemingly always been a part of me. But embracing that, and the creativity there has given me so much.

    For the writers/artists out there, tell me about your muse. What does he look like?

    I’m not sure he counts as a muse — like he needs another title anyway — but there’s a certain bold outlaw propping his feet up on the corner of my writing desk who’s always clamoring for a new adventure. Oh, the possibilities for mischief, especially when I’ve got loads of other things to do. That’s when he’s most insistent. But he’s got that look you know, those twinkling eyes and wicked grin that say that whatever trouble he’s got in mind, it will surely be a grand time. Gets me every time, lol.

    Who or what do you find simply inspiring?

    I’m really into history, especially british history. There are so many great stories there just waiting to be heard. Real and fictional. The times were so different than our own, but there are a lot of things that never change, too. Like our need for stories, for heroes, for adventure.

    3, 2, 1, 5

    • Ah, writing — the idea that keeps on giving!
      Hi-i-i-i-i-i(I call, waving enthusiastically to your outlaw)! Oh, shall I ever get to meet him? I’ve got some merry fellows of my own who would be happy to do lunch, sometime. ^^

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