Our Brothers Grimmest Is Here!

Have you heard the news? Everyone’s favorite source of satirical fairytale journalism, The Grimm Report, has assembled a lovely lineup of guest articles into an e-book! It’s got restaurant reviews from Goldilocks, an advice column for “anonymous” fairytale characters in distress, the dirt on the controversial name change for Rumplestiltskin (as written by yours truly!), and more. And the e-book is absolutely FREE, so what are you waiting for? Make like the Gingerbread Man and run for it!
~ Deshipley

The Grimm Report

We at The Grimm Report would like to present you this present… er, gift. Here is your FREE copy of Our Brothers Grimmest: Contributors Of The GrimmReport.com. This e-book chronicles all of the amazing work by our wonderful contributors, up to the beginning of November, 2013. We would like to thank them for all that they have done to make The Grimm Report the fun little venue of creativity that it is. This book is published in their honor. Click the cover and you will be transported to Smashwords.com where you can download the book, share it with your friends, and enjoy!


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