“Deal” or “Calling All Interested ARC Reviewers!”

I’ve got book releases on the brain! Small wonder, with the “One More Day” anthology having launched into the world just this past Monday. (Have you ordered your copy yet? ^^ Amazon (Paperback) / Amazon (Kindle) / Barnes & Noble (epub) / Kobo (e-book) How about the giveaways going on? – you don’t want to forget to enter those!)

But more than past and present, I’m looking to the future. I’ve got not one, but TWO books with advance reader copies (ARCs) now available for early review!


One, ARCs for my novel “Inspired” released on Tuesday! Itching to read the rest of the fantastic story you got a teasing sampling of here? Willing to blog an early review so everyone can know ahead of time just what a treat they’re in for? Want to be a stop on the book’s blog tour? Then shoot your hand in the air and shout, “ME, ME, ME!”, and I’ll do some fancy behind-the-scenes string-pulling to get you a digital copy from J. Taylor Publishing! (Please specify mobi or epub.)

Two, Book Three of my fairytale novella series, The Wilderhark Tales, will be here before you know it! …Unless you know it on February 5th, in which case, it’ll all be pretty much simultaneous.

Are YOU interested in accepting an advance reader copy of the book and the great privileges and responsibility that comes with it?

Great responsibility?” you say cautiously. “What all are you proposing, exactly?

A pretty straightforward “arrangement for mutual advantage”. Let me break down how it would work.

You contact me expressing your desire to receive an ARC of the book, “The Seventh Spell”. I’ve got a handy-dandy contact page for just such a purpose. (Also useful for letting me know you want an “Inspired” ARC, *wink, nudge, hint*)

I’ll e-mail you a PDF file of the book. Apart from whichever typos will doubtless manage to slip through security, the text will be pretty darn close to its final form.

You’ll have until January 20th to e-mail your review of the book to me. I mean, you could totally send it after that date and I’d still very much appreciate it, but… well, see the next point.

The sooner you get your review in, the better your chances of portions of the review appearing in the finished version of the book. Because I’m on a deadline, don’t you know. Be assured, however, that everyone who turns in their reviews on time, regardless of the order of receipt, will receive a mention on the book’s acknowledgements page. (:

All ARC reviewers are expected to:

Add “The Seventh Spell” to their Goodreads to-read list. Unless they don’t have a Goodreads account, in which case, never mind.

Post their review on their blog during the book’s Launch Week (February 5th – 12th). Unless they request special scheduling consideration ahead of time due to prior blogging commitments, in which case, we’ll work something out.

Post their review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble’s sites. Again, if you’re not on Goodreads, you’re exempt from that.

All ARC reviewers who fulfill all aspects of the agreement will receive their choice of one of three* custom “Seventh Spell” bookmarks, with my autograph and my thanks.

*(Meaning one of three designs. I’ll have way more than just three bookmarks to divide between the lot of you, don’t worry.)

“But,” you may say, “what if we really, really want an ARC of Book Three, but we haven’t read Books One and Two yet?” You’re in luck! Because now through the end of December, e-books of The Swan Prince and The Stone Kingdom are only 99 cents ($0.99, I say!) on Amazon! And the novellas are swift reads, so catching up will cost you almost as little time as cash!

It won’t cost much. Just your voice! (Like, seriously.)
It won’t cost much. Just your voice! (Like, seriously.)

Does this sound like a deal to which you’re game to commit? If YES, then hit up that contact page link and I shall welcome you to the ranks of the few, the awesome, the early reader-reviewers of The Wilderhark Tales!

15 thoughts on ““Deal” or “Calling All Interested ARC Reviewers!”

  1. Free books that want to be reviewed are totally up my alley… I’ll go get the first 2 books in that fairy tale series… sounds pertty interesting… I love fairy tales…

  2. Count me in! When do you need reviews of Inspired done by? I’d love to get involved with that, but if the deadline is very soon then it would probably be better if I did The Seventh Spell instead. Hope to be able to help somehow, in any case 😀

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