“Dark Rose” … or an Interview with its Author, Anyway!

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Continuing my series of interviews with each of the authors who contributed a tale to the book, give a smile and wave to  Marissa Halvorson, scribe of the anthology’s second story, “Dark Rose”.

Hello, Marissa! Tell us: How did you hear about the “One More Day” anthology contest, and what prompted you to submit?

Marissa: I actually heard about it from Terri Rochenski, who I had befriended on Scribophile and worked with extensively, both on her novel and my own. She had recently had her own short story published in the Make Believe anthology and made a post … I think it was on Facebook … about this anthology. I had a look at it, and honestly, I can’t say what inspired me to write something and submit it. Probably it was because I just love writing, and I’ve always wanted a chance to be published in a bigger sense than a couple of short stories online.

Is this your first published story? (If not, what was?)

Marissa: It is. I mean, as mentioned above, I have a few short stories published online in a couple of the e-zines that publish a story a day sort of thing, but as far as print stories, or even professionally published, Dark Rose is my first.

Which of the characters in your story was your favorite? Who was the easiest to write? What about the hardest?

Marissa: Well, I only have three. Um … but if I’m honest, I’ll have to tell you, I can’t pick a favorite. They’re all so uniquely different and were so much fun to write. Scarlett’s courage and the need to try to understand what is going on was cool, but I guess I’d say I liked writing the prissy personality of Letta and the [SPOILERS AHEAD] villainous personality of Carlee slightly better.

If you’d been in the place of your story’s main character, how do you suppose you would have handled their situation?

Marissa: Um … curled up and cried? I’ll admit, I am a huge baby and a ginormous coward. While I’d like to say that I’d have been as brave as Scarlett, or that I would have figured out the [SPOILERS AHEAD] villainous twist in Carlee’s personality a lot earlier, [end spoilers] honestly, as soon as I realized something bad was happening, I’d probably curl up on the ground and cry. Kind of like Letta, except without the snobbishness.

Besides your own, which of the anthology stories is your personal favorite, and why?

Marissa: Honestly, I really enjoyed the Thirteenth Month. The story was engaging, and I loved the male perspective. As the only male perspective in the anthology, I think it adds something that none of the other stories can. Beyond that, though, I couldn’t put the story down. The characters and the concept were just amazing.

If you could read only One More Book before some tragic turn of events prevented your ability to ever read another word, which book would you choose, and why?

Marissa: Oh my goodness. You’re asking me to just choose ONE???? Um, well … I guess if I were to re-read a book, it would be my favorite Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). If I were to read an entirely new book … The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo. A friend introduced me to it and it looks amazing and if only I had the time to read it RIGHT NOW! Erm, yeah, anyway….

If you could listen to only one piece of music for a year (though at least you’re allowed to replay it as many times as you like), which song would you pick?

Marissa: None of them! I get enough of replaying songs when I work. Radio stations already do that. Although, if I absolutely had no choice but to choose … I’d say ‘Angel’ by Kate Voegele.

You’ve got One More Chance to say anything you like to the good folks reading this interview before its end. What’ll it be?

Marissa: I think I’d tell these awesome folks that if they haven’t read Harry Potter, they should. And that ice cream (especially chocolate) is the most amazing thing that exists. Oh, and of course, in the line of random, I would like to remind everyone that you should never judge a movie based on a book by the book. You’ll ALWAYS be disappointed. Oh, and one more thing, this one meant especially for aspiring writers: I know you’ve heard ‘don’t give up’ all the time. Instead, I’m going to give you a quick piece of advice that I feel is very important. Do NOT, for the love of everything that is good in this world, EVER let anyone else’s criticism stop you from what you do. If it is what you love, the criticism should only make you a stronger and better writer, or a stronger and better person.

Marissa Halvorson

About Marissa Halvorson:

Marissa’s dream of writing came about when she was ten, after reading a particularly inspiring story of dragons and elves. She instantly fell in love with the fantasy genre, and characters soon began to manifest to satisfy her adoration. It started with a forty page handwritten novel, which she dubbed “Dragon Girl” and continued on to more challenging (and better written) works.

Now, Marissa can often be found to be studying literature in English class, curled up at home with one book or another, or with her eyes glued to the computer screen as her newest set of characters manifest.

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