“Dragon Flight” … or an Interview with its Author, Anyway!

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Continuing my series of interviews with each of the authors who contributed a tale to the book, let’s have a warm welcome for J. Keller Ford, scribe of the anthology’s third story, “Dragon Flight”.

Hello, Jenny! How did you hear about the “One More Day” anthology contest, and what prompted you to submit?

JKF: I knew about the anthology last year as a published author with J. Taylor Publishing, but the theme hadn’t been settled on. When submissions opened, J. Taylor sent out a message and posted on their website.

Is this your first published story? (If not, what was?)

JKF: No. My first truly published story was The Amulet of Ormisez and it was published by J. Taylor Publishing as part of the MAKE BELIEVE anthology.

Which of the characters in your story was your favorite? Who was the easiest to write? What about the hardest?

JKF: I really like my main character, Amber Jenkins. She’s book nerdy, but pretty. She’s got attitude but she’s nice about it, and she’s also got a crazy fear of heights that she has to face in order to help out her dream boyfriend. She was super easy to write because she was a lot like the hidden me in high school. It’s the way I wanted to be if I’d felt comfortable enough to let her show through. As to a difficult character to write? I didn’t have one. Even Josh Granbury, who should be Amber’s nemesis, was a blast. The interaction between the two was way fun.

If you’d been in the place of your story’s main character, how do you suppose you would have handled their situation?

JKF: I would have been frozen. I would have cried. I don’t think I would have been as brave.  Nope.  In fact I know I wouldn’t have been. Amber Jenkins is my hero self. 🙂

Besides your own, which of the anthology stories is your personal favorite, and why?

JKF: Oh, that’s easy. Sleepless Beauty by Kimberly Kay.  Even though the ending is predictable, the story is fun, well-written and a joy to read.  I love it when an author makes me giggle out loud and this one had quite a few entertaining spots.

If you could read only One More Book before some tragic turn of events prevented your ability to ever read another word, which book would you choose, and why?

JKF: Veronica Roth’s “Allegiant”. I have to find out how the Divergent series ends.

If you could listen to only one piece of music for a year (though at least you’re allowed to replay it as many times as you like), which song would you pick?

JKF: Oh, heavens, this one is very difficult. It’s like asking me to pick my favorite star from the sky.  Right now, “Show What You’re Made Of” by The Backstreet Boys is on my repeat play, but if I had to pick one song I’d never tire of hearing?  I’ll have to go with Elvis Presley’s “Fame and Fortune.”

You’ve got One More Chance to say anything you like to the good folks reading this interview before its end. What’ll it be?

JKF: Enjoy life. Be true to yourself. Follow your dreams, and don’t ever allow anyone to squash your imagination. And if you ever want to share your life with a four-footed friend, please visit your local shelter. So many abandoned animals need your love and a good home. Take a chance on them and they’ll give you unwavering gratitude, friendship and adoration. They are also a great source of comfort in hard times.

J. Keller Ford

About J. Keller Ford:

J. Keller Ford is a quirky mother of four, grand-mother and scribbler of young adult fantasy tales. She has an insatiable appetite for magic, dragons, knights and faeries, and weaves at least one into every story she conceives. Her muse is a cranky old meadow gnome that follows her everywhere she goes and talks incessantly, feeding her ideas for stories 24/7.

When she’s not writing or blogging, the former Corporate Paralegal enjoys listening to smooth jazz, collecting seashells, swimming, bowling, riding roller coasters and reading. Jenny lives minutes from the beaches of the west coast of Florida with her husband of twenty years, her two sons and a pair of wacky cats and three silly dogs. The pets have trained her well.

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  1. Ooh, those bookmarks are pretty! I can happily say that my copy of One More Day has been ordered and is on its way to me! I can’t wait to read all these stories I keep hearing about, =3

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