“The Thirteenth Month” … or an Interview with its Author, Anyway!

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Continuing my series of interviews with each of the authors who contributed a tale to the book, today we welcome L.S. Murphy, the anthology’s headliner and scribe of its center story, “The Thirteenth Month”.

Hello, Linda! Tell us: How did you hear about the “One More Day” anthology contest, and what prompted you to submit?

LSM: J. Taylor approached me and asked me to submit a story for it. It was such an honor, there was no way I was going pass up this great anthology.

Is this your first published story? (If not, what was?)

LSM: It’s been so long ago, I totally can’t remember. My first novel is Reaper, and it was released in January 2013.

Which of the characters in your story was your favorite? Who was the easiest to write? What about the hardest?

LSM: Nixon. He was also the easiest. His voice rang in my head. I can’t say what was the hardest. You’ll have to read “The 13th Month” to figure that out. 🙂

If you’d been in the place of your story’s main character, how do you suppose you would have handled their situation?

LSM: Oh, I would’ve totally FREAKED OUT.

Besides your own, which of the anthology stories is your personal favorite, and why?

LSM: That’s like asking me what my favorite book is! All of the stories stand on their own merit. It’s such a great, eclectic mix.

If you could read only One More Book before some tragic turn of events prevented your ability to ever read another word, which book would you choose, and why?

LSM: Anything Richelle Mead writes.

If you could listen to only one piece of music for a year (though at least you’re allowed to replay it as many times as you like), which song would you pick?

LSM: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

You’ve got One More Chance to say anything you like to the good folks reading this interview before its end. What’ll it be?

LSM: Thanks for reading ONE MORE DAY. 🙂

L.S. Murphy

About L.S. Murphy:

L.S. Murphy lives in the Greater St. Louis area where she watches Cardinals baseball, reads every book she can find, and weaves tales for teens and adults. When not doing all of the above, she tends to The Bean (aka her daughter), her husband and a menagerie of pets.

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