“Happy” or “A Year of Delights”

New Years Jar

Back around the end of 2012, I came across an online picture suggesting that people spend the coming year making note of their happy experiences and saving them in a jar, so they could look back at year’s end and be reminded of the good times.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m far more inclined to focus on and remember the bad/sad/angry/irritating times than the good ones. From my vantage point here at the beginning of a new year, I emotionally remember 2013 as, on the whole, a really rough, painful, depressing twelve months. So I’m glad I was inspired to keep my “happy things” jar. Even taking into consideration that I know I only recorded a small percentage of every single thing that brought a genuine smile out of me, it serves as evidence that the year’s valleys of despair weren’t entirely out of balance with victories both big and small.

New Years Jar, mine
My second happy note read, “[Mom] went + found a jar for these notes, and volunteered to wash it out for me.”
I won’t subject you to each and every one of the just shy of 100 little memos I kept in the jar. The following sampling will give you a pretty good idea of the kind of things that goes into the good side of the life of the wild Deshipley.

* * *

“Greeted Mom in the morning. She was excited, and we hugged.” – Jan. 1

(The very first happy note of the year.)


“Was brave and got a controversial thought out on an FB status.” – Jan. 2

(Dealing with the backlash wasn’t necessarily happy, but yay for courageous honesty.)


“Mom says we have mango.” – Jan. 3


“Got to talk w/ Tirzah for hours and share intense character emotions. Made me weep and everything.” – Jan. 3



(“They”, of course, being J. Taylor Publishing, and “A Morrow More” being my short story in our newly-released YA anthology, “One More Day”.)


“Found ‘Aladdin’ episode on YouTube that I’ve been wanting to see for ages.” – Feb. 8

(I had vague childhood recollections of this particular episode in need of resolution. That ghost of a memory can now rest in peace.)


“Legendary evidence of a Robin Hood in SCARLET came to light!” – Mar. 2

(That is to say, I read an article that said some old accounts made mention of a scarlet-wearing Robin Hood. As you might imagine, most of the excitement at this bit of trivia was Will Scarlet’s.)


The pile of goodness dumped from the jar on New Year's Eve.
The pile of goodness dumped from the jar on New Year’s Eve.

“Saw Yana’s first Villem sketch. It looks GRAND!” – Mar. 12

(Sooo much gratitude to Yana Naumova for helping to bring my Wilderhark Tales to life!)


“JTP asks for longer work!!! THEY CAME TO MEEEEEEE!” – Mar. 15

(So I sent them “Inspired”. The rest shall be history.)


“They said they’re gonna bring ROBIN HOOD to [ABC’s] ‘Once Upon a Time’!!!” – Mar. 24

(You might or might not be surprised at how many of the happy notes in the jar were in some way related to Robin Hood.)


“Many ‘lost’ files discovered on backup book thingy! Thank you, God and Daddy!” – May 17

(We won’t dwell on the traumatic laptop crash that led to this. Focus on the positive, focus on the positive…)


“Saw ‘WICKED’ w/ Daddy!” – Jun. 12


“Met a guy who worked on ‘LOTR’!!!” – July 7

(You never know who you’ll bump into at a Renaissance Faire. Amirite, my Outlaws of Avalon?)

Cataloging the happy notes in my journal for posterity.
Cataloging the happy notes in my journal for posterity.


“Died laughing w/ Jeannie about how rabid hot Edgwyn is. XD” – wee hours of Sept. 24

(That would be Jeannie of Edgwyn Pony fame. Hahaha, we can make Edgwyn so uncomfortable when we’re sleep-deprived…)


“Did I mention I found my [missing] mp3 player? ‘Cause I did.” – ~Oct. 20


“Driving in my car – beep, beep! – / Obeying the law sure is neat.

Hope no one wrecks into me!

Oh, wait a minute, here comes a car! / It’s my lucky day.

Plenty of time to get out of his way!” – Oct. 24

(This thing, guys. XD)


“Birthday surprises (hoodie, character greeting in bathroom, ocarina!) and shawarma. :D” – Oct. 30

(Because once you’ve seen the super-very-after-all-the-credits end of Marvel’s “Avengers”, there is no cooler birthday dinner than shawarma.)

* * *

How about you guys? What made you smile in 2013? And what do you anticipate you’ll have to smile about in the year to come? ^^

12 thoughts on ““Happy” or “A Year of Delights”

  1. Crossing “become a published author” off my bucket list in 2013 was probably the thing that brought the biggest smile to my face 🙂 Cheers to a better 2014 for you, I’m glad you chose to remember the small happy moments and find the silver lining!

  2. This is such a cool idea, because you’re right…we don’t remember the little happy things very often!

    Have to mention I finished reading One More Day (which I keep wanting to call One Day More because apparently I can’t stop channeling Les Mis). And the honest truth (honest, now. I promise this isn’t a lie just because you’re so awesome) “A Morrow More” was my favourite tale in the whole collection!

    Happy New Year, =)

    • Laughs-a-million, my brain’s been “Les Mis”-ing the anthology title for months, too. XD Thank you so much for sharing your honest-to-goodness truth — I’m very much pleased to have pleased you! Here’s to a new year full of little happy things for both of us. (:

  3. Glad there was plenty in your happy jar to make you smile 🙂 The highlight for me has to be getting my novel accepted for publication, and knowing that it will come out this year is just a tad exciting. Roll in March 🙂

    • Ah, yes, March will be a good month for novels — mine, yours, and I believe the book baby of another writer pal of mine is scheduled to release then, as well. ^^ Can you handle it, world?!

  4. I think the best things in life are the heart-wrenching moments that you can turn into something beautiful. In light of that, I think the best thing that happened to me this year was gaining a new guardian angel.

  5. The things that made me smile in 2013? As a writer, it was…finishing a novel worthy of editing…being told by my “regular job” bosses that I write well…and being interviewed by a large newspaper, from a different part of the country, about a subject I had written on two years earlier, meaning the reporter did some research and found my little quips on the Internet and felt it important enough to call me up. That was pretty cool actually. I can only hope 2014 is as good!

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