“Stage Fright” … or an Interview with its Author, Anyway!

The “One More Day” blog tour has come to an end, but the fun’s not over yet! For one thing, the anthology is still totally available. ;D (Have you bought yourself a copy yet? ^^)

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And for another, my series of interviews with each of the authors who contributed a tale to the book continues! Let’s hear it today for Erika Beebe, scribe of the anthology’s sixth story, “Stage Fright”.

Hello, Erika! Tell us: How did you hear about the “One More Day” anthology contest, and what prompted you to submit?

Erika: J. Keller Ford and I met through various blog hopping. She’s been a beta reader to my YA novel I’ve had in the works for some time. She pointed me to the contest and encouraged me to try even though I was knee deep in my novel. I didn’t think I could switch characters. It’s difficult enough to track one in your head at a time, but I let go of my doubts and set my novel aside. I analyzed J. Taylor’s theme and thought about all the moments in my life where time could have potentially stopped. I had never scored the lead in a musical or a play in high school, but I did remember reciting a giant passage from Romeo and Juliet my freshman year in front of the entire class. I got lost in the words and the feelings, trying to experience Juliet’s emotion. I also tried to make it my own. The problem? I remember the teacher smiling at me, pulling me aside after class and telling me if I remembered hugging myself and rocking myself through the whole dialogue. 🙂

Is this your first published story? (If not, what was?)

Erika: Yes, it is, and I’m hoping it won’t be the last. 🙂

Which of the characters in your story was your favorite? Who was the easiest to write? What about the hardest?

Erika: Hannah is definitely my favorite. I poured some of my own hopes and dreams into her internal chaos. I don’t think any of my characters were difficult to write. Sometimes the feel of the dialogue can be a bit of a challenge, but music helps me differentiate thought and feeling between the characters.

If you’d been in the place of your story’s main character, how do you suppose you would have handled their situation?

Erika: I am hoping the same way as Hannah did. 🙂 Try to make friends until it’s impossible. Then face the truth. Realize you only do your best and be you.

Besides your own, which of the anthology stories is your personal favorite, and why?

Erika: Anna Simpson’s Time Piece. I like the pace and I love the plot. Anna can craft a mean plot and I couldn’t put the book down.

If you could read only One More Book before some tragic turn of events prevented your ability to ever read another word, which book would you choose, and why?

Erika: This is a hard question to ask as I gravitate to many different books for different reasons. I suppose I would pick the second book in the Angel Burn series, Angel Fire, by L.A. Weatherly. I’d accidentally checked it out from the library thinking it was the first book in the series, but I became involved so quickly and wrapped up in the worlds of her different characters, I read it cover to cover. I love angel stories. I loved the complicated twist in Weatherly’s depiction of angels. She is also a great writer of hope, and I hung on, because her characters refused to give up.

If you could listen to only one piece of music for a year (though at least you’re allowed to replay it as many times as you like), which song would you pick?

Erika: Tricky question as my songs vary with my mood. I will pick the song I listened to nonstop while writing Stage Fright to capture my character’s emotion: Kelly Clarkson’s, Catch My Breath.

You’ve got One More Chance to say anything you like to the good folks reading this interview before its end. What’ll it be?

Erika: It’s been a privilege to visit Danielle’s blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and be a part of our exciting anthology, One More Day.

Erika Beebe

About Erika Beebe:

Inspired by her first grade teacher’s belief in her imagination from the first story she ever wrote, Erika has been a storyteller ever since. A dreamer and an experiencer, she envisions the possibilities in life and writes to bring hope when sometimes the moment doesn’t always feel that way.

Working in the field of public relations and communications for more than ten years, she has always been involved with writing, editing, and engaging others in public speaking.

Her two young children help keep her creativity alive and the feeling of play in the forefront of her mind.

Giveaway going strong! To enter to win my personal raffle for a beautiful clock charm bookmark (as seen below), leave a comment for Erika (and/or for me)! (And if that comment should happen to mention that you’ve just purchased a copy or two of the “One More Day” anthology, firstly, thank you!, and secondly, extra raffle point for you. ^.^)

I’ll announce the giveaway’s seven winners during my interview series’ final post next Monday! Good luck to all entrants! Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on ““Stage Fright” … or an Interview with its Author, Anyway!

  1. Great interview! I have my copy, and the beautiful calendar and bookmarks you sent way back, Danielle! Erika, Jenny critiqued my novel, 18 Truths, that comes out later this month . . . love her 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Jamie, and that you’ve got so many “One More Day” goodies to enjoy. (Including another, fancier bookmark? Time will tell!) And hey, congrats on your upcoming novel release!

  2. What?? There’s a calendar? Oh i’ve got to see this!! Erika, I loved your short story. Keep writing and keep submitting! You’re going great places.

    • I only made one calendar, a one-of-a-kind prize for a “One More Day” giveaway some while ago. It took some doing to put it together, but I was pleased with the result — and it sounds as if its winner was, too. ^.^

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