Paradisal Prism

A piece of flash fiction by yours truly. Enjoy!


Aqua. ~ The ocean crashed, whispered, and gleamed, sparkling in unrestricted sunlight. It stretched in all directions: Reached out to meet the ring of the horizon, pressed in to caress the solitary circle of land in the vast circle of sea. Saline water everywhere – surrounding her, and pooling in the eyes she now turned upward.

The story’s inspiration.
The story’s inspiration.

Azure. ~ How liberating the sky had seemed before – how limitless! – when she had ridden its capricious breezes, had sailed the sea of air. The wisps of clouds had floated underneath her, scraps of vaporous lace. The gulls had cried to see her, an arrogant interloper in the weightless world denied the wingless. Had it been arrogance? She hadn’t thought so. She had only wished escape. And now there could be none.

Blue. ~ A dismal, dreary ending to a day begun so well. She ought to have expected as much. Hadn’t she thought, when first she saw the scarlet umbrella floating toward her, that it was too good to be true? Such wondrous gifts did not simply descend from on high, inviting pleasure without price. A wiser soul would not have reached without reservation to seize the curving handle; would not have given the reckless word to be borne away. Had she half as much sense as she had imagination, she would not have allowed her dreams to bring her to this place.

Sand. ~ The sun warmed it almost to burning, bleached it too white for wide open eyes to stand. Why did she stand? No point to staying upright, now. The time for height was past, and her efforts then had proven insufficient. She had leapt as far above the gritty velvet ground as her legs could spring, strained as high as her fingers could grasp, all no use. The umbrella only floated higher, leaving its erstwhile passenger to jump and shout and cry a desolate solo, accompanied by the distant gulls’ harsh laughter.

Marooned. ~ Deserted on this isle, perhaps forever. Like sea and sky, her life stretched on with nothing to be seen in it but an endless, barren blank. Empty of humanity. Empty of purpose. Empty of… – here her thoughts stalled; hovered; tilted – …responsibility. Empty of anxiety. Full of the peaceful sound of quiet. Full of glimmering gold in a sapphirine setting, dancing before her eyes. Full of freedom blowing in a song of flight remembered. Full of beauty. Full of dreams. Her laughter rose to join the air-and-seabirds. She was no prisoner, here. This was her escape!

Red. ~ Shielding her eyes against the sunlight, she spied the spot of slowly shrinking crimson in the vault of blue. “Thank you!” she called from her heart’s depths. “I will be ever in your debt!”

No debt, she felt the gentle answer. It is my gift to you.


2 thoughts on “Paradisal Prism

  1. Worrying and relaxing all at the same time! It would be so lovely to have that epiphany, though. What a nice, surreal feeling that would be, to be so suddenly limitless!

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