Of Cats and Other Godlike Entities (INSPIRED Days)

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It’s Week One of “INSPIRED Days”! – an approximate month of awesomeness celebrating my J. Taylor Publishing novel as it nears its 6-month semi-anniversary.

INSPIRED being a book absolutely all about the characters, I thought it only fitting that its main cast get in on the fun. So here’s our first guest post of the party, brought to you by the one and only everycat, Abishan! *applause, bows, cans of salmon offered in tribute*


I come from a world of many gods. In my jungle alone, there’s at least one for just about every kind of creature. Of these, naturally, I am the greatest, because I am cats. Not a cat. All cats. Every kind, large and small, their shapes mine to take at my whim. And as everyone familiar with the Internet surely knows, it is the cats, not the humans, who not-so-subtly run the world.

My most human form, as digitally painted by that Danielle person.
My most human form, as digitally painted by that Danielle person.

Accustomed as I am to being at the top of the food chain – literally and otherwise – it came as something of a shock to learn that there are, in fact, powers higher than me. Rulers of worlds that encompass my own. Mighty creators. Masters of fate.

Your Internet knows of them, too. We call them authors.

You might expect a creature of my divinity to resent finding myself thus outranked. And I’ll admit, there are moments when it rubs me wrong; specifically, when my author, Annabelle, shows signs of not having the first clue about what she’s doing. But it’s not all inconvenience. On the contrary, it can be quite pleasant to have someone with the charge of looking after you.

I am equipped to deal with the sort of threats that come with claws and talons, teeth and beaks, muscle, even venom, but worlds of imagination can come teeming with far stranger dangers than that. As my author, it’s Annabelle’s job to see I’m kept safe.

And fed. That’s very important.

Comfort and contentment, likewise important, and Annabelle’s made it her business to provide it all the best she can.

Is “the best she can” always perfect? Not nearly. But I try to be lenient with her. She may be something like a god, but she’s still little enough like a cat.


Thanks, Shan! Reader types who’d love to nab the novel featuring this divine kitty, remember there’s a giveaway on Goodreads with three paperbacks for the winning. Meanwhile, for the e-reading crowd, the novel’s e-version is on sale all month for a crazy-low 99 cents via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So for anyone who hasn’t gotten hold of a copy yet, the time is now!

Inspired Sale, Kindle and BN


**Coming up Monday**: An inspired little personality quiz… ;D

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