Which INSPIRED Character Are YOU? (INSPIRED Days)

Who doesn’t love a personality quiz? ^o^

A) Boo to quizzes!

B) Yay, quiz!

If you chose A, this blog post isn’t for you, and I recommend you browse the Ever On Word archives for something better suited to your tastes. But if you chose B, then you are in luck, because some muse put it in my head to create a quiz based on my nearly-six-month-old novel and share it during “INSPIRED Days”!

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You can take the quiz via playbuzz.com, and/or right here on the blog. Which of the book’s main cast do you most resemble? Let’s find out!

1) The world is ending. What do you do?

– Run for my life

Try to save everyone


Make smart-aleck remarks

Activate my emergency escape plan

Over-dramatize the whole affair

2) Suppose I told you you’re more powerful than you know?

Inspired, Luc

– I know exactly how powerful I am

Suppose I told you you’re the one who has no idea?

I would strive to use all my power for good

Ah, but do I have the strength to use the power I have?

Hahaha, well, that’s not dangerous at all…

Um, could I get some specifics, Captain Cryptic?

Yves, cropped

3) Preferred mode of transportation?

– On foot

On wheels


Anything but flying


I have to leave the house? Uh, could somebody drive me?

4) Pick an animal:



– Cat



Gryphon, dragon, something epic like that

Abishan, cropped

5) Pick a leisure time activity:



– Eating


Meaningful conversation

Whatever my friends want to do is fine

Wilbur, cropped

6) How social are you?

I love being with people

– I want people when I want them. Otherwise, leave me alone

People? Ugh

I like to be on the fringes

I enjoy spending time with a special few

Imaginary friends preferred

7) Someone’s done you grievously wrong. What do you do?

Abandon them to their fate

Put the fear of God in their hearts

Try to understand the situation from their point of view

Suffer in silence

Express my anguish through my art

– Kill them

Uri, cropped

8) Who’s the boss of you?

I’ll follow any worthy leader

– Boss all you like, but don’t expect me to listen

I call the shots, whether you know it or not


My parents

The voices in my head


9) Who are you hoping this quiz will say you are?

– Abishan. He’s obviously superior

Lucianíel. What the muse wants, he gets

Inspired, Annabelle

Wilbur would be nice, but there are so many other wonderful people to choose from…

Well, it would be pretty lame if I picked all the Uri-est answers and didn’t get Uri, so… let’s not be lame

Whichever is truest

Truth, schmuth, give me one of the cool ones!


If you answered mostly gold = You are Lucianíel! A commanding muse with a love of creation, and an inspiration to us all. You not only have all the bright ideas, you’ve got the finesse to steer everyone toward the fulfillment of your goals. To work with you is a rewarding privilege. To work against you is… unadvisable.

If you answered mostly black = You are Abishan! A god among cats and a cat among mortals, everyone loves you, or they’re wrong. No one needs to remind you of your worth, though you’ll favor them if they do. Bonus points if they feed you.

If you answered mostly green = You are Wilbur! Everybody loves you because you love everybody. You’re caring, compassionate, and stand up for others. Just make sure you don’t forget to stand up for yourself sometimes, too, eh?

If you answered mostly red = You are Uri! Let people say whatever they want about you; whatever you say in reply is bound to be a better zinger. You’ve got plenty of ‘tude and the awesome points to back it up. Like it or leave it, world. Or, y’know what? Leave regardless.

If you answered mostly blue = You are Yves! Your quietness makes you easy to overlook, but anyone who truly sees you knows what a masterpiece you are. Stay on the outside if that’s where you feel most at home. Just don’t let it be because of fear. You’re stronger than that.

If you answered mostly purple = You are Annabelle! You can be a bit of a loony loose cannon, but aren’t all the best artists? You pour your whole self into your passion, perhaps to the neglect of things like, y’know, everyday life stuff. But hey, you can eat breakfast any time; right now, there are adventures to dream!

So, who’d you get? ^^ Share in the comments!

(Also, y’know, Goodreads giveaway, e-book sale for Kindle and Nook, more goodies coming on Thursday, yadda-yadda-yadda. Now tell me who you got!)

17 thoughts on “Which INSPIRED Character Are YOU? (INSPIRED Days)

  1. One green, three reds, two golds, one black, one purple, and two blues. o.O Guess I’m technically Uri, but I don’t feel like I have that much ‘tude… Lol, I think the dragon question is what tipped the scale. Because DRAGON ^_^

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