Better Fashionably Late Than Never

Two things today, Ever On Wordians!

Thing the first: I’ve signed on at the last minute to join the blog blast for Shadow of the Last Men (Next Man Saga #1)” by J.M. Salyards, currently re-releasing through Xchyler Publishing. So behold the trailer!


J.M. Salyards, About the Author Graphic

For info on the hoopla surrounding the book’s relaunch (did I see something about a giveaway? ^^), check out Xchyler Pub’s homepage.


Thing the second: It’s Novel Fashion Week 2014! (For real, this time, not like last month’s little tease.)

*Cues up vid to get you pumped, ‘cause you are getting ALL the trailers today*

Novel Fashion Week Vid Still
No, I’m afraid you can’t click the image to make the vid play, this time around. That’s what the link /above/ the pic is for. Sorry for any confusion; I’m technologically lame.

Like I said at the top of August, I’m joining in the event (as hosted by the Kindred Dreamheart blog with a project of Lucianíel-caliber inspiration: A journal entry guest post by INSPIRED leading lady Annabelle Iole Gray chronicling her adventure in cosplaying the widely-varied personal styles of her characters and muse. The super-fun part? The post comes with photos of me cosplaying as Annabelle cosplaying as her characters.

You got to see a great sampling of the shots in my first “INSPIRED Days” post and in my website’s art gallery. Now you can read the Annabelle commentary that goes with it – as well as enter a giveaway in which you can win an exclusive, created-special-for-this-event set of INSPIRED fashion bookmarks, ooh-ah! – by checking out the full post here!

I only made one batch, guys. May the luckiest son/daughter of a gun take all!
I only made one batch, guys. May the luckiest son/daughter of a gun take all!

Stay stylish, readers.

~ Danielle

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