Open Journal: Waiting to Wake

Recent-Past Me writes…

It is a day I wish I were writing.

I’m not currently, as I have other projects – some writing-related, some not – with more immediate deadlines that need my attention. I’m prepping for publications scheduled to come out mid-October and the start of December. And “prepping”, at the moment, means doing nothing.

I’m waiting on my next instructions for the October release (“Legends and Lore: An Anthology of Mythic Proportions” via Xchyler Publishing), and waiting on the delivery of my first proof copy of the December release (“The Sun’s Rival”, Book Five of The Wilderhark Tales, via me) so I can seek out and destroy any inevitable typos.

Just Waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Waiting is a part of life. But I would not call it living.

I’m waiting until November – the next National Novel Writing Month – to dive into a new first draft. I’ve chosen a project. I’m eager and nervous to begin. It shall be the last of The Wilderhark Tales – the seventh in what I’d long believed to be a six-novella series.

I’d known this part of the story existed. I just hadn’t expected I would write it. Thinking on it over the summer, though, the series arc wouldn’t be wholly complete without it. So I’ve got to get the story’s end down. And then there’ll be Book Five to release, Book Six to revise into a publication-ready state… Mercy, and there’s that other, entirely unrelated novel in need of revision, too.

But first we wait.

By the time this post hits the blog (whenever that will be), I expect I’ll have shuffled ahead some distance in the waiting line. Some tasks will be over and done. Others will loom just ahead, claiming their turn at the top of the priorities list. Items ordered will have hopefully arrived in the mail. November and its promise of writing will be that much closer. Maybe I’ll feel awake, finally. Awake and keen to be doing things.

At the moment, I’m not feeling much of either.

Edgwyn Wyle pats my shoulder. “You still have value.”

Thanks, buddy.

10 thoughts on “Open Journal: Waiting to Wake

  1. Isn’t it funny how parts of a story can sneak up on you like that? Every time I try to write a stand-alone, some other part of the story starts whispering to me. Usually another character who wants a shot at the spotlight. 😉

    • Haha, that’s pretty much where my series come from, yeah. I rarely plan further ahead than the first story; then, sometimes out of nowhere, it’s like, “But WAIT! There’s MORE!”
      “In defense of your whispering characters,” Will Scarlet interjects, “the spotlight is a lovely place.”

  2. Waiting is hard. Maintaining momentum through the long-long-long-LONG term project of seeing a novel through to publication is, in my opinion, a strength of character on par with superpowers. And I haven’t even been that far in the process yet–I’m just talking about what I know of writing and revising drafts! So, best of luck with the wait. I hope you come up with the energy and wherewithal to do something splendid with the time, and knowing you, I think you will. 😉

    • Thanks, dear Susan. (: Good news/bad news, today I get to spend time in my other common phase: Running in antsy, headless chicken circles at the thought of all of the things I want to get done today. My emotions need to learn some equilibrium, stat.

  3. Whoo! Congrats on The Wilderhark Tales being almost over! Wow, time flew by since the start of the series. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll have up your sleeve but for the mean time I shall revisit the stories and characters through rereading.

    Also it’s ok to take breaks. Finishing a series is not a simple task. Sometimes you need a break before you can do more stuff. 😀

    • Breaks? Breaks… The word sounds so familiar, and yet… Nope, not in my lexicon.

      You’re right about that flying time, though. Past the series’ halfway point already?? When did we get here?? Maybe the author needs a reread!

  4. I know such moments–rarely, for I am more rarely in a position where nothing on my to-do list is to be done. Even so. They can be full of an odd sort of slothful restlessness, hmmn? It’s hard to find peace in the midst of such feelings… But I pray penning this very journal entry helped to bring a bit of peace to the wait.

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