The Sky-Light’s Shadow (“Sun’s Rival” Tease & Giveaway!)

With two months ‘til the December 2nd release of the “The Sun’s Rival (Book Five of The Wilderhark Tales)”, here’s a peek at what’s coming in the novella – as well as a chance to win one of Wilderhark artist Yana Naumova’s gorgeous bookmarks!

<> ~ <> ~ <>

Chancing to look upward, Laraspur spied a small, pale shape in the sky – a half-disc of shadowy white in the expanse of blue. The sight bestirred a memory. A dark, warm whisper of a long-ago night.

The sun envies the moon, her ear remembered her father’s tender murmur, because the moon can stay in the sky all day and nightIt is just that we cannot always see his light, because the sun shines so much brighter…

That was how she felt today, Laraspur realized. Rendered invisible by the brilliance of her sisters. Outshone by their impossible beauty. The moon nobody saw for the light of the sun.

Staring at that faint shadow-light above her, Laraspur whispered: “I see you.”

Laraspur, art gallery size


Turning, Laraspur beheld her brother stride over to tower above her. “What are you doing out here?” he asked. “The party’s inside.”

Striving to keep her tone light, Laraspur replied, “I just felt like being alone, for a bit.”

“Would you not rather dance?”

“Not really,” she lied.

One princely eyebrow lifted in an expression of smiling invitation. “Not even with me?”

“Don’t be kind, please,” said Laraspur, turning away. “I’m sure you have your pick of girls with which to dance.”

“Who’s being kind?” said Ionquin. “I want to make all the other young men jealous when they observe that I am partnered with the most graceful dancer here.”

Laraspur was not fooled for a moment, but gave him her hand nonetheless. If nothing else, any young ladies looking their way might be made to feel jealous – so long as they were unaware that the dancers were brother and sister…

Besides, Laraspur adored dancing. Loved losing herself in the movement. As she spun ‘round the terrace with Ionquin, the skirts of her perfect dress swirling around her, Laraspur felt her self-pity melting away, and could even imagine that someone watching her right then could find her beautiful – little knowing that two someones were doing precisely that.

<> ~ <> ~ <>

Make that at least three someones; looking at the Laraspur bookmark pictured above, I can certainly find her beautiful! And as of now, that author-signed bookmark is up for grabs. I’ll tell you how to win it, after a quick word from an advance reader on why they love “The Sun’s Rival” (as quoted from Goodreads, where you can totally add this upcoming Wilderhark Tales to your “want to read” shelf):

“This is a beautiful, creative retelling of Psyche and Cupid, with elegant, gorgeous imagery. Powerful as a sunrise, but gentle as moonlight, this story will sweep you away on a storm. With the return of favorite characters, and the introduction of several new ones, The Sun’s Rival is a lovely addition to The Wilderhark Tales, and probably my favorite book in the series so far.” – Kimberly Kay

And now, the question of the day: When do you feel most beautiful?

Answer below, and one commenter (chosen at random one week from today) shall win the prize. Good luck to all entrants, and here’s counting down the days until “Sun’s Rival”s release!

8 thoughts on “The Sky-Light’s Shadow (“Sun’s Rival” Tease & Giveaway!)

  1. This is gonna sound really weird, but I feel beautiful when I’ve managed to guess the right amount of conditioner to use on my mass of hair, and it actually feels smooth.

  2. Ehehehe, you know I gotta try to win this. I feel the most beautiful when I’m doing something good for someone I care about or when I’m doing something I love.

  3. I feel most beautiful when I’m gallivanting in the rain.

    I doubt I look most beautiful, but in bare feet with my drenched hair and clothes plastered to my body by an icy downpour, I feel like a fey extension of the storm’s own splendor.

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