Fallen on a Good Read

Just when I’d figured this novel would end up in one of my “Books To Read Eventually” posts… surprise! I finally got around to both reading and reviewing it! #LikeABoss

Fallen on Good Times

The Book: “Fallen on Good Times” by Rewan Tremethick.

Genre: Paranormal Mystery


Fairy tales are warnings. Legend is history. Monsters are real.

Paranormal detective Laslo Kane learned the truth the hard way. He’s had enough of the supernatural trying to kill him, but his latest job offer could provide him with a way out. A desperate investor has come to him for help investigating the murder of his business partner, and the money he is offering could change Laslo’s life forever.

It quickly becomes apparent that the killing is just one of several and that they are all linked. Laslo must follow the trail, even though he knows exactly where it ends: the mob.

Can Laslo survive and claim his fee, or will earning a living be the death of him?

My Thoughts: I can personally vouch for this novel’s suitability as a read to pass the time during a long day of air travel. Pilgrim’s Wane is a far more interesting place than an airport – to the point that, for the first while, I wished to spend even more time among the city’s supernatural elements firsthand, rather than largely hearing about it via narrating protagonist Laslo Kane. Happily, the deeper Laslo gets into his investigation, the more exciting local color comes to light. Vampire thugs, spectral gangsters, the man who talks to ghosts…while, unbeknownst to him, being a ghost himself.

I love a mystery that keeps me continually surprised, and this novel accomplished just that. The jaded private eye found at the bottom of a scotch bottle is nothing new, but Tremethick spices up the cliché with a number of original touches and, try though I did to guess what was coming, the story stayed one step ahead of me all the way. Darned, too, if Laslo didn’t end up looking heart-soaringly heroic in the face of dark odds. That climax had me on the edge of my cramped little airplane seat!

HSYRT? (Hey, Should You Read This?): If this concept seems in any way up your dark, sinister, potentially mobster- and/or werewolf-ridden alley, give ‘er a go.

And wouldn’t you know, that prize pack including a free copy of “Fallen on Good Times” (and a paperback ARC of “The Sun’s Rival”, among other titles) is still out there for the winning! If you haven’t yet, now’s a fine time to enter the giveaway.

Rewan Tremethick Halloween Giveaway

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