#TBT (Throwback Thanksgiving)

A reblog of Ever On Word’s 2011 Thanksgiving post. Because gratitude is timeless, like that.


Am I the only one who gets really annoyed by people referring to the fourth Thursday of November as “Turkey Day”?

Not that I’ve got anything against turkey, mind you. It’s tasty. It’s remarkably plumed. Ben Franklin could have gotten his way and had it made the national bird, for all I care. Turkey, in and of itself is not, the problem. This is a matter of respect, and the dignity of names.

I don’t know that holidays have feelings, but if they did, how do you suppose Thanksgiving would feel about being called Turkey Day? Belittled, perhaps? Underappreciated? Loved only for its traditional bounteous feast? Singled out, probably; we don’t treat the rest of the holidays this way!

And, hey, why not? Why not give up the charade of caring what holidays are really about and just call a spade by how we honestly perceive the spade all year long? A sneak peek at the adjusted calendar, everyone:

Valentine’s Day = Spend Big Money on Your Woman Day

Presidents’ Day = Day Off from School

Easter = Candy Day

Birthdays = Cake Day

Independence Day = Fireworks Day

Minstrel Day = Totally Oughtta Be a Holiday

Labor Day = Barbeque Day

All Hallows’ Even = Candy Day Part II

Christmas = Presents Day

New Year’s Eve = Stay Up and Party ‘Til the Next Day …Day

Tacky, isn’t it? So here’s an idea – how’s about we all show Thanksgiving a little consideration by remembering what the day is actually for. Not parades, not football, not awesome pilgrim hats; not even the sweet delights of turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the good eats in between. It’s about giving thanks; expressing gratitude for the stuff we’ll probably go back to taking for granted, most of the rest of the year. I’ll lead off:

Thank you, family, friends, followers, and strangers, for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my blog. I truly appreciate the attention, the support, and the opportunity to share my words with you.

And thank you, too, Thanksgiving! – for just your being you.

2 thoughts on “#TBT (Throwback Thanksgiving)

  1. To follow suit, thank YOU for a) posting on Thanksgiving, b) making me smile on this blog all the time, and c) your incredible writing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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