Open Journal: Creature of the Night

(Fistbumps of brotherhood to anyone who happened to read the subtitle and immediately get “Music of the Night” from Phantom stuck in their heads.)

I have a problem. Several of them, actually, but I’m referring in this instance to the problem of sleep.

In a nutshell, I don’t want to do it. Not at night, anyway. My typical cycle goes something like this:

2pm = Spirit already slipping into panic mode about how my day is getting away from me. …which, during December, is not even that crazy, given that sunset falls as like three-freaking-thirty, around here. *hates winter*

5pm = The specter of bedtime is really bearing down on me. I might not even have the will to run anymore, having feasibly been fighting fatigue since the moment I opened my eyes that morning. But though my body may be ready to give up and slump into a coma, I’ll drag myself through whatever work I can – reading, writing, slogging through social media feeds. I will not be so easily denied some semblance of productivity!

11pm = Nobody I want to hang out with is around. Nothing is fun. My present is dismal, and my future bleak. Death is a shiny option.

12:30am = Aaaaand there’s my second wind! Do ALL the things! Turn down for WHAT? Has YouTube always had this many hilarious videos?!

~1:30 – 3am = Super grudgingly goes to bed.

~9 – 11am = But, sleep… my dear, warm nest of sleep… we’ve only just found each other. Why must we now be torn asunder?

I Don't Want to Go

Why do I put myself through this?

Shaking his head, Edgwyn says, “Because you need sleep, silly girl.”

Not at night, I don’t! This diurnal lifestyle is for the early birds, and I don’t bloody like it. So starting soon – like, “probably not long past New Year’s” soon – I’m conducting an experiment. I’m going to see what it’s like to embrace my inner vampire* and go straight-up nocturnal.

(*Probably won’t start sucking people’s blood, but we’ll see. Chewing makes me sad, so I won’t rule out a liquid diet.)

“Interesting,” says Allyn. “What hour do you intend to make your new bedtime, then?”

I haven’t decided yet. I guess it would depend on when I want to get up. If I aim to start my day around, say, 7 or 8pm, I’d be in decent position to catch my mom before she hits the hay, and Dad would either be back from work or show up eventually post whatever Dad-ish stuff he gets up to. I could have a leisurely time puttering with the evening crowd online/catching up on the day I’ll have missed, maybe get some dinner-breakfast, then jump into getting stuff done during what keep trying to make themselves my peak hours. Midnight would be my midday. And somewhere during my afternoon, my BFF lately located in Germany would be up and about; we’d still be a bit out of sync, but it’d be better than what we’ve got going now.

To answer the question, though: If I want to get in a good nine hours of sleep… *calculates* …it’s looking like bedtime should fall around 10 to 11am.

“Soooo, pretty much the time you’ve been getting up,” Will observes. “You really do mean to throw this whole rig in reverse!”

That I do. We’ll give it a trial run of a few weeks or so – see how I take to it physically, mentally, emotionally, any other relevant “-ally”-s. That’s the awesome thing about being a stay-at-home writer: My schedule is contortionist-level flexible!

That and, y’know, I rarely have to leave my house.

Hey, reader people! Any of you ever try or consider living on the night shift? ^^ Throw your 2 cents in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Open Journal: Creature of the Night

  1. Your current bad relationship with sleep sounds awfully familiar to me. :/ So I’ll be interested to see how this goes! I have never tried going full nocturnal, but I have definitely gotten in a schedule that leaned much more in that direction. For instance, last spring semester I think it was, I reached a point at which it was hard for me to do work if it was light outside… For the present, unfortunately, with two huge (non-writing, sadly) deadlines looming in the near future, I don’t have the liberty to experiment. So, 7 am and a crisp walk through the frosty woods and fields to wake up it is for me!

    • Man, I wish I had within-walking-distance woods around here! And I shall probably miss the sunshine (y’know, on days where the sky would’ve allowed it anyway). But if this results in me feeling more awake while awake and turns bedtime into less of a chore, it’ll be well worth it. (:

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