Be Enticed. Be Very Enticed

Anyone in the mood for a cover reveal? ^^ ‘Cause I just happen to have a friend with a new story’s face to show off. …Or, well, perhaps somewhat lower than the face… Fans of paranormal romantic werewolves, rejoice! For the Holloway Pack is back, in—

. . .

. . . wait for it . . .

. . .


Happy Birthday to Ethan.

Or is it?

Gifts aside, Ethan’s morning hasn’t been anything to write home about. Sure, life is good, the pack is staying out of trouble, he finally has a mate who boils his blood … in a good way.

Except Shelley hasn’t called. Hasn’t come by. Didn’t even bother to join her son and his girlfriend for Ethan’s annual I’m-a-year-older breakfast.

What Ethan doesn’t know is that Shelley has plans. Plans that have been in progress for weeks. Ones that Ethan will never see coming, and that she’s banked on him not knowing a thing about.

She can only hope her secrecy doesn’t force his inner wolf to the surface—at least, not too early.

Enticed: A Holloway Pack Mini by J.A. Belfieldcoming April 16th, 2015!

*Can be read as a standalone.

Now available to add to your Goodreads shelf!

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