Fashionably Late to the Party

*rolls out of bed*

*checks Twitter*

*sees this post*

Muse Party Blogfest

Me: “Wait. What? Muse Party Blogfest?! Holy Moe, this has to happen!”

Will Scarlet: “YE-ESS! Party, party, party!”

Me: “Um, actually, I was thinking about this for Luc and Annabelle.”

Will: “What? I— Oh. …Yeah. Sure, I guess… whatever.”

Me: “Dude, we party all the time. Let the fictional author with her card-carrying muse have some fun.”

Will: Will they have fun?”

Me: “Only one sure way to find out.”


Who is your muse (or character)? Tell us a little bit about him/her and why you brought them.


Hi! I’m Annabelle Iole Gray, author of… well, nothing famous yet, but I’m in my teens; there’s still time. This is Lucianíel. Luc, for short. He’s a light elemental who showed up in my dreams, one night, all suave and too beautiful by half, offering to take me on as his artist. I shoulda read the fine print, there, but it’s worked out all right. And— um, I’m sorry, who are you?

“Will Scarlet. Don’t mind me. My author and I are doubling with you ‘n’ Luc. That’s cool, right?”


“This is not my fault. -_-”

What are you guys wearing? Dressing up or keeping it casual?

If I’m going to bother to leave the house, even if it’s just for a bookstore or library run, I’ve got to fancy up – even if it comes out a bit… random. For tonight, I pulled out my black hoodie waistcoat (technically just a vest, but calling it a waistcoat makes it sound classier), over a technicolor leopard print dress, over black leggings, with gold gogo boots borrowed from my sister. Also, my treble and bass clef earrings.


Thanks… Will, was it? Anyway, Luc’s wearing what he always is: The well-pressed suit with the Mandarin-style jacket, the dark color in striking contrast with his white-blonde hair, gold eyes, and overall luminescent complexion. Did I not say “suave and too beautiful by half”? Zero hyperbole.

“I’m going in a ‘modern Merry Men’ direction,” Will inserts. “Close-fit jeans, casual tunic, jaunty hat and killer boots… all red, of course.” He jerks a thumb behind him. “And Danielle’s still in her PJs.”

“I didn’t know we were going out, okay?!”

It’s a potluck! Did you bring something yummy?

We were supposed to bring food? Um…

Luc’s bell-like voice rings out, “Leave it to me, my dear.” And at the speed of light (yes, literally), he’s gone and back bearing a tray of fresh fruit kabobs.

“Fruuuuuit! My favorite! Luc’s my hero!”

“Way to make me look bad, dude,” Will grumbles. “You couldn’t’ve grabbed a box of donuts with my name on it while you were out?”

Luc gives Will a flat look. “You. Are. Crashing.”

Open bar! What are you both drinking (booze or otherwise)?

I’ll have the lemonade iced tea, on the rocks – with a bottle of sparkling fruit-flavored water for my fellow author, here.

“Hey, thanks!”

“Ale or root beer. Surprise me. Luc, do you drink? Or eat? Or anything?”

He doesn’t require it, no. Brew up the right pot of tea, though, and he’ll take it with two sugars, no cream, scalding enough to kill a man.

Wallflowers or social butterflies?

Hahahaha, parties terrify me. Won’t stop me trying to strike up loud conversations with everyone who looks remotely friendly, though!

“Good call. If we instigate the interactions, no one can sneak up on us before we’re ready.”

Luc prefers to just hover and watch. And your Will Scarlet has already flirted that half of the room to its knees.

“Of cour— WILL! Stop making out with the couch!”

“Would you let me schmooze, please? I’m trying to network; maybe pick up someone interested in coming onto my talk show! Also, the couch is a good kisser.”

“Gimme strength…”

What song(s) will you and your muse sing for karaoke?

After Will and Danielle are done with their Disney medley, Luc, whadda you wanna do? You think they’ll have the backtrack to the Phantom’s solo in “Love Never Dies”? I know it speaks to you, having lost your first beloved author and all.

“I am no performer of art,” he demurs. “But by all means enjoy yourself, Annabelle. Something from that boy band you wanted to marry in your preteens, perhaps.”

I didn’t want to marry the whole band. Just my should’ve-been soulmate.

What’s your favorite party game?

Anybody here know how to play Guesstures? Or, ooh, what’s that other one…?

“Catch Phrase?”

YES! Oh, and Mad Gab!

“And Spin the Bottle!”

Luc’s brow drifts upward. “Hoping to score with the couch again?”

Party Games

Which one of you is more likely to end up dancing on a table top?

*everyone points to Will Scarlet*

*…dancing on a table top*

Has your muse been a good date and would you ever hang out with them again?

Luc’s been a class act, same as always. Anytime he inspires me to take him out again is fine by me!

“Scarlet’s been Scarlet. We’re inseparable anyway. Thanks for putting up with us, Annabelle.”

Hey, characters will be characters, right?

Will Scarlet winks. “Always.”

Any other author ‘n’ muse/character pairings want to join the party? Hop in with the host, The Faux Fountain Pen!

28 thoughts on “Fashionably Late to the Party

  1. Yay! Welcome to the party.

    I totally dig Annabelle’s outfit (especially those earrings!) and be warned – you break out “Love Never Dies”, I might just have to join you (Autumn doesn’t know the lyrics, but she’d probably also join along, anyways)

    • “Thank you!” says Annabelle, beaming. “Shows what a certain character of mine knows about my fashion sense (Uri).”

      A “Love Never Dies” singalong?! Count me in! Not that I know most of the songs as well as I do from its prequel, but hey, I’m game to try and fail.

      Will hoots. “That’s the spirit!”

      That’s your spirit.

      “What I said.”

  2. Thanks for joining the party!
    I love Annabelle’s outfit, too! But I definitely don’t think *I* could pull that off…
    And Jordan assumes if Will is making out with a couch then he would have no problem making out with him…so spin the bottle is definitely happening!

  3. Luc sounds amazing! Got to love a hot guy who’s also your muse ;). Will sounds like a lot of fun – I think he’d get on well with my character, Anais, she’d try and give him a run for his money ;)!

    • Luc nods graciously. “I appreciate your saying so. I have found that a stunning appearance opens doors when your artistic partner is a teenage girl.”

      “Anais, mmm?” says Will. “Noted. Expect me to get in touch. ;D”

  4. That was very entertaining. I wonder what kind of couch it is. Leather? Suede? These things matter!

    And if a game of spin the bottle starts, Ena and I will be hiding behind that couch. 😛

  5. The best crashers are fun. 🙂 Fashionably late is what I want to be. When people ask me what first occurs to me when I think winning the lottery, I say “Two words … “Sleep In!”

  6. Haha there were a couple offers for spin the bottle. Sounds like that could get pretty interesting. I think Ringer will be hiding in the corner for that one. And me? I’m married. Hah. Hah…

  7. Whew! Your comment on my blog makes so much more sense now. I admit, I was completely lost at first. I got the Merry Men reference, but beyond that, crickets. Now I get it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and happy blogfest!

    • I’m an esoteric comment-maker, like that. X3 Happy blogfest to you, too!

      “And big points,” Will Scarlet congratulates you, “for knowing a Merry Man’s name when you see it. All the coolest kids do!”

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