One for the Logophiles

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And speaking of “Surrogate Sea”… *segues into regularly scheduled blog post*


A short while back, I came across this BuzzFeed article full of “-phile” words (y’know, that suffix from the Greek, denoting the meaning “lover of”) quite fetchingly displayed on accompanying images.

Me being a logophile (i.e., a word lover – and heck yes, the BuzzFeed piece included that one), I naturally enjoyed scrolling through the article’s offerings. Me also being Danielle E. Shipley, the crazy cat character lady, I just as naturally thought about which of the words might apply to which people in my head. And once I started seeing them, I realized to my delight that connections to my most recently published Wilderhark Tale were everywhere!

So here now, for your visual and linguistic pleasure, are the words most befitting the cast of “The Surrogate Sea”!

Word Love, Thalassophile

With his passion for the Great Sea, “thalassaophile” most befits the Wind of South, Austeryn.

Word Love, Pluviophile

Of course, given that Austeryn is the Sky’s rain-bringer, the word “pluviophile” also applies.

While we’re on the topic of winds, behold those best suited to Aquinore, the chionophilic Wind of the North, and Euroval, ceraunophilic Wind of the East. Frigid cold and thunder/lightning storms, respectively, are what they love best of all.

Word Love, Chionophile

Word Love, Ceraunophile

Queen Laraspur and I share a trait in common: We are both selenophiles, infatuated with the magical Moon.

Word Love, Selenophile

The Moon himself, meanwhile, is the astrophilic keeper of the stars.

Word Love, Astrophile

But even more than moon- and starlight, Lumónd adores the night. Above all, the Moon is a nyctophile.

Word Love, Nyctophile

Unsurprisingly, this stands in stark contrast to his elder brother, for Raeóryn’s first love will ever be the light. The Sun = hardcore photophile.

Word Love, Photophile

Meanwhile, on the earth below, Ionquin Wyle reveals himself to have become deeply fond of passing time among the trees of Wilderhark Forest. Like me, then, the prince is a dendrophile.

Word Love, Dendrophile

And I couldn’t see this picture and not think of dear old Edgwyn Wyle. He’s been more or less a lifelong hippophile – as one might guess from his insistence on sharing his “Stone Kingdom” bookmark portrait with his horse. X)

Word Love, Hippophile

Surrogate Sea cover, front

For even more enchanting word pinups, check out the full BuzzFeed collection. And to be further enchanted by the newest Wilderhark Tale, make sure to get your paperbacks and/or 99-cent e-books of “The Surrogate Sea. Gotta be all caught up before Book 6.5 releases next week, right? ;D

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