Lily-White; Conservative

Welcome to the Stranger Than Truth Club Minutes, featuring conversations between me and my closest group of friends – one, my IRL bestie, the rest… a little reality-impaired.

“But what we lack in so-called reality,” Will Scarlet inserts, “we make up for in awesomeness!”

Fact, that.

The way of it is, the Stranger Than Truth Club takes people from all walks of life, universes, times, and species, and brings us together through beautiful, ever-evolving, cross-plane friendships.

I wish I could give you a glimpse into our insightful, loving, hilarious, open community. Unfortunately, I can only give you transcripts of our idiocy.

And so without further ado: Truth is stranger than fiction. We are—

Stranger Than Truth 02


Tirzah: Hey, D, check this out.

As seen on Facebook, captioned: “A police officer helping a KKK member suffering from sunstroke.”
As seen on Facebook, captioned: “A police officer helping a KKK member suffering from sunstroke.”

Danielle: Well. Hmm.

Tirzah: Yeah. Mixed feelings on this. And in case you think, “Maybe the caption lies…” Nope, there’s a swastika on his shirt.

Will: That’s hard to wear, these days. And hey, how ‘bout those sneakers in the background?

Danielle: What about them?

Will: I dunno. We were talking about clothes. Seemed a natural segue.


Danielle: Well, dude. Stay hydrated, and don’t be an ass.

Sy: That’s a “go and sin no more statement” if I ever heard one.

Tirzah: You should comment that.

Danielle: I don’t like getting involved.

Will: I’ll comment it!

Danielle: Dude. Why are you always catering to her?

Will: Because I’m a caterer.

Sy: “Will Scarlet’s Banquets and Catering…!”


Will: Should I comment it straight, or should I insert an adjective or “stop being a racist monster” or…?

Tirzah: Eh, accurate, but I’m not sure it fits the original tone of your comment. “Bigoted ass”?

Will: Could just say “bigot”. That’s pretty much synonymous with “ass”.


Will: I’mma look for synonyms. *opens dictionary tab* “…Illiberal, brassbound, intolerant, small-minded, unenlarged” (oo-er)… “Lily-white” and “conservative” are related words, huh? Doesn’t pay to be pale.

Allyn: Now that’s bigoted.


Clearly a racist.
Clearly a racist.

Sy: If this doesn’t get you girls comments, I don’t know what will. You may even get angry comments, or people misconstruing everything! *claps hands in faux delight* You’ve never had those before!

Danielle: Once you start tagging things “KKK”…

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