Scarlet Dance Party Playlist

Sometimes I’ll do this thing where I have a song on replay on YouTube for, like, a good hour. This will generally be for my own pleasure, though I won’t lie – I’ve been known to act as the deejay for certain people in my head. Allyn-a-Dale, for instance, likes it when I play gorgeously melancholy songs like Heather Dale’s “Tarnished Silver” or the Psalm 23-based hymn “Shepherd Me, O God”.

Then there’s Will Scarlet, who’s like, “Yeah, that’s great, but what have you got that I can move to?”

Through my ears, we’ve settled on a Top 5 he and I are mutually happy to play on loop. In no particular order:

“One More Night” by Maroon 5

A contender for Will Scarlet’s personal theme song, really.


“Dancing Through Life” from the original cast recording of Wicked

Fiyero, incidentally, is among Will’s Broadway dream roles.


“Numa Numa” by… who exactly is responsible for this?

Feel-good tunes with indecipherable lyrics, for the win!


“Radio Ghost Town” by NewWorldSun

For this one, he’s apparently got some “Dancing with the Stars”-worthy routine worked out with Edgwyn Wyle. ‘Cause my Wilderhark tailor may not have Will’s hip-hop moves, but his ballroom skills are on point.


“Immortals” by Fall Out Boy

Including the “Big Hero 6” video version, here, because HECK YES, “BIG HERO 6”. Weirdly, though, as far as personal jams go, this one belongs even more to Heartsinger (of “Reality As We Know It” fame) than to Will. This song comes up, Singer breaks it down.


Bonus Track: “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen

Not so much to dance to; he just likes belting the duet with me. ❤

Which song(s) could you listen to nonstop for hours? Sing about it in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Scarlet Dance Party Playlist

  1. Great list. Repeating songs for hours on end is a fabulous way to spend any day, and I couldn’t possibly tell you all the songs I’ve done this with! But I will say the list assuredly includes some BSB (of course), and definitely I remember a time when the Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack was repeated A LOT.

    • YASSSSS, BSB! Though I don’t believe I’ve heard anything from Phantom of the Paradise before. Will ‘n’ I will have to check it out. ^^

  2. I really like Monster, by Skillet. Also on the list are Angel With a Shotgun (The Cab) and Dance with the Devil (Breaking Benjamin). And I also admit, I’m one of those people that can constantly listen to Let it Go. *braces for rotten fruit thrown by irritated parents*

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