Play at a Price (FORTE Blog Tour)

Have you heard about Xchyler Publishing’s newest release? ^^ Well, yes or no, you haven’t heard it from Ever On Word yet, so settle in and have a look, ‘cause here’s what’s up:

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Forte_ReviewI got the opportunity to read this book early, and it was both an interesting and a frustrating experience for me.

Interesting, in part, because of the unique way the story incorporated some familiar figures from Greek mythology. In all my years of fascination in that area, I’ve never seen Hermes and Hephaestus portrayed quite like this, so that was an inventive spin. I also enjoyed the story’s location. Call me a sucker for a canal and creepy old houses in the mountains.

Frustrating, largely, because of the protagonist’s poor decision-making. I can perfectly understand loneliness and wishing to feel accepted. We’ve all been there. But I have little patience for those who think popularity is worth turning your back on your passions, blatant self-delusion, and either compromising your principles or going flatly against them. My number one thought for most of the novel was, “Sami, grow a spine!

By the finale, though, there was hope for her. Hope for a number of the characters with their own sets of flaws. The story closed on a high note, and overall, the book’s got atmosphere. I wager there’s an audience who can gain much benefit and pleasure “Forte”, particularly if they like a narrative permeated with athletics, or the arts – or, like Sami, desire the best of both.


Feel free to grab your copy today (Kindle or paperback), and/or enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!

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