Behind the Talette: Soul Shepherdess Part 2

It’s the last Monday of the month, meaning my Channillo series has grown by one Wilderhark Talette. ^o^

Although – head’s up, gang – there’s a change of schedule coming up. Next month (hiiii, September – aka the start of Ever On Word’s 5th year, whaaaat?) will feature not one, but two new Talettes, on the 14th and the 28th. And October’s Talette will be coming atcha on the 12th (the day before the official launch of “The Story’s End”!). And after that… hiatus time.

“Wha-a-at??” say the masses.

Yes, the end of my current serially released short story will mark the beginning of a indefinite break for the Wilderhark Talettes.

It seemed a good time, coinciding as it does with the conclusion of the Wilderhark Tales proper, as well as my temporary abandonment of the U.S. for Europe. The winds of change, they are a’blowing (less threateningly than most of the winds of Welken, one can only hope), and I’m good ‘n’ ready to close the book on the Wilderhark world for a while.

But fret ye not! Though I won’t be adding any new Talettes past October, all the old ones will still be available for Channillo subscribers to access. And if Future Me ever gets inspired to throw some more Talettes your way, you can be sure I’ll let you in the know. ^_^

Now, then, on to today’s special treat, tied into the second chapter of “The Soul Shepherdess”.

When we last saw young Solwen – she who will go on to become the first woman minstrel in the Great Land, despite not a little discouragement along the way – she was searching out words and a melody to share the music of the world with her sister. She’s at it again today, and if anything, her new song is even prettier than the first.

Rather than attempt to pick out the accompaniment on my lute, I turned to my trusty music-makin’ computer program (a somewhat old-school version of this) – mostly because I’ll seize any excuse to throw in some cellos. Click the pic below for my humble rendition of Solwen’s ode to a winter morning, “Snowfall” (as shared on my “Ballad of Allyn-a-Dale” Facebook page).

Snowfall Still

For the story surrounding this song, make sure you’re subscribed to the Wilderhark Talettes! And do feel free to look around Channillo for other series that may catch your fancy; you’ll want something to keep you busy when the Talettes go on break, aye? ;D

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