The 5 Reasons I Blog

5 = The fun. More specifically, putting together a post I’m eager to share, and anticipating the readers’ response. We won’t talk about the letdown of there potentially being not much of a response at all. <_<

4 = The Will Scarlet factor. As in, he would pitch a fit if I took away his stage for nonsensical theatre and kiss-mongering. It’s not worth the struggle.

“What can I say?” Scarlet shrugs. “I love limelight and lip-locks.”
“What can I say?” Scarlet shrugs. “I love limelight and lip-locks.”

3 = The obligation. I’ve been dedicating two to four days a week (maybe even five, when things gets really crazy) to Ever On Word since 2011. Never mind that I’ve never officially promised anybody anything – I’ve created the expectation in myself that I’m going to keep it up. So as long as I continue to take my self-imposed commitments waaay too seriously, you’ll find me here.

2 = The free self-promo. It’s a noisy world, and from what I can tell, this tiny pocket of the internet is where I achieve the best acoustics. So heck yes, I’ll use it to shout the word about all the storymaking I get up to, with zero apology.

1 = The free friend-promo. The fun is negligible, Will Scarlet can be made to deal with the word “no”, and there may come a day where I tire of tooting my own horn simply because I feel I have to. But if there’s one reason I’m glad to keep my stubborn claim on a platform, it’s so I have the space to be a help.

We're All in This Together

If I know you and like you and you’re doing cool things or have a need, I want people to know about it! Or if you’re an author and your book made an impression and I’m in a “do unto others” kinda headspace, I want to gift you a review! (Because, as any number of authors will tell you, a gift is exactly what a review is.) Heck, I don’t even have to know who you are or have actually read your book, if the cover and/or premise look(s) interesting enough. So for that reason, if no other, Ever On Word is here to stay.

…Which, given reason #4, just makes my life easier.

Fellow bloggers in the house: Why do you do what you do?

4 thoughts on “The 5 Reasons I Blog

  1. Wow, crazy how fast time goes, eh? I started my blog in 2011 as well…I had to start a blog for a course I was taking, and then I decided I should probably start an “author” blog, you know, just in case I ever decided to submit my writing somewhere ^_^. If I didn’t write my own blog, I’d never have discovered other blogs and bloggers/authors, like, say…you! So that’s why I still blog, even if sometimes all I manage is a quick weekly recap. Blogging myself keeps me visiting other blogs, too!

    • Thanks, Catherine! I’m interested to see what my impending European adventure will mean for my blogging habits. Sense of duty vs. sense of YOLO: Which will prove the stronger?

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