What’s in Store

…Alternatively titled “Talking Shop” or some equally sinful pun.

But seriously, have you ever found yourself browsing around these little online shops full of the most gorgeous and/or fandom-related whatnots ever? Gosh knows I’ve done. …and then whimpered in frustration because I can’t afford even a fraction of all the cool stuff I covet. (Since, y’know, basically all of my money goes to books.)

Well, to those of you in the audience who do let yourselves cave and purchase such things, may I direct your attention to a new little side project of mine:

The Ever On Word e-store on Society6!

The idea started out basic enough: Got a novel coming out soon (4 weeks and counting down, whaaat!), gotta try to gain visibility and drum up some hype. And in my experience, one of the best ways to catch the eye is to use eye-catching stuff. (Go figure.) A well-chosen book quote is good. A colorful and/or otherwise visually dynamic book quote? Even better. So there I was, fooling around with creating just such a collection of images to spread around my social media sites, when I think, hey, these are pretty! Y’know where else they’d be pretty? On a mug.

"There is a lot of overlap, I've found, between the truth and the impossible." -- Marion Hood
“There is a lot of overlap, I’ve found, between the truth and the impossible.” — Marion Hood

Or a tote.

"Would you believe I blew in on the wind?" -- Allyn-a-Dale
“Would you believe I blew in on the wind?” — Allyn-a-Dale

Or even an iPhone case, why not?

"Here I am, new world. Wherever I am, I'm here." -- Allyn-a-Dale
“Here I am, new world. Wherever I am, I’m here.” — Allyn-a-Dale

And canvas prints! Laptop sleeves! Stationary cards! Sweet little squishable throw pillows! THE WORKS.

To date, I’ve got three designs up in my shop, with plans to add more in the lead-up to #BALLADofAaD’s release, and beyond. And it won’t just be Outlaws of Avalon merch. You better believe I’ll be combing my other works for great quotables, too – “Inspired”… the Wilderhark Tales… basically anything else to which I’ve got copyright claims.

So please, browse away! And if you see something you like, buy away! Unless you’re broke like me, in which case, welp, at least spreading the word is free. ;D

Got a fave design so far? Have any quotes from my previous stories you’d love to own on a travel mug or some such? Lemme know in the comments!

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