Second Time’s the Charm

Two orders of business today in this, my second blog post of the new year.

1 = Cook Memorial Public Library District is hosting its 2nd annual open house for local authors – and I’mma be there! Selling books. Signing books. Seeming generally delightful, if all goes to plan.

So if any of you think you’ll find yourself around Vernon Hills, IL, this Saturday (Jan. 14), drop in at the Aspen Drive branch any time from 2:30 to 4pm. Here’s hoping the event goes even better than last year’s!



2 = CALLING ALL WILLING BOOK-REVIEWERS! We’re only two months away from the launch of the 2nd book in the Outlaws of Avalon trilogy – “The Marriage of Allyn-a-Dale”. We made its beautiful cover happen thanks to folks stepping forward with GoFundMe dollars. Now the help I’m looking for won’t cost anyone a cent.


If you (yes, you, sir/madam/your majesty) want to read and review an ARC (advance reader/review copy) of the latest adventure in Avalon Faire, just declare your interest – in the comments below, or via my contact page – and I’ll send you a PDF.

You: “Oh, cool! What’s the book about, again?”

The blurb: “There’s more than Fey magic in the air as Avalon Faire prepares for another summer’s performance. This time the show stars Allyn-a-Dale in his role from stories of old: A minstrel with a forbidden romance in need of a little outlaw intervention. Alas, eternal life imitates art as Allyn finds himself slipping heart-first into ill-advised infatuation with an Outsider – the Robin Hood fangirl who’s landed her dream job as the Merry Minstrel’s wife.

As new love blooms, an old love festers, the scarring shadow of Allyn’s dead father threatening to devastate the young minstrel’s hard-won harmony. And elsewhere on the undying isle, the cracks of immortality are beginning to show. Caught between the mysterious meddling of Morganne le Fey and the wild schemes of Will Scarlet, it’s up to Sherwood’s outlaws to navigate past and future, legend and prophecy, treachery and passion, before Avalon is torn apart from the inside out.”

You: “Nice! But um, what if I haven’t read the first book yet?”

Me: “Ballad”s been up for sale for months. Getchu a copy! Or, if you’re flat broke (we’ve all been there), I can slip you a PDF of that as well; just leave an honest review for Book 1, too, and we’ll call it totally square. 😉

And that, my friends, is that. Clamor away for those ARCs, and stay tuned for the word on how the library event goes. ^o^

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