Time for Tag! (Or So We’ll Pretend)

Once upon many moons ago, The Story Sponge tagged me in a thing – and I’ve finally got the time to play along!

Saruman Time Tweet

I’m carving out the time, okay?

Writers's Book Tag

So: The Writer’s Book Tag. In which writer-life turns of phrase are used to relate to reader-life questions. Lez go!

First Draft: a book or series you have never read before

Ohhhh, plenty. Most notoriously, I have neither read the Harry Potter nor the Game of Thrones books – the one phenomenon because I missed it when it was new, and now it’s too culturally pervasive for me to feel like I have to; the other behemoth because it really sounds a lot more ~adult~ fantasy than I tend to prefer.

Second Draft: a book or series you didn’t like as much the second time you read it

Bonemender Trilogy

The Bonemender Trilogy. Although, I did still really like it the second time around. But when I picked up the first book again last year, I realized it wasn’t actually written as well as I’d remembered it from my teens. (Lord only knows what I’d think if I reread “Twilight” now…)

Final Draft: a book or series you have liked for a really long time

Montmorency Series

Montmorency! My favorite thief living a double life in Victorian England! (I have a lot of favorite thieves, y’all. Gotta be specific.) I totally owe my knowledge of a question’s answer on “Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire?” to this historical fic. And I love how it’s considered YA, even though most of the main characters are adults. Like, see? It’s not the age of the protag, but the voice of the narrative that counts! I call that empowering.

Killing off your Characters: a book or series that made you cry

DANG IT, MISTBORN. Can’t even remember if I shed real tears, but I was BAWLING ON THE INSIDE, several times over the course of the trilogy.

Plot Holes: a book or series that disappointed you

Maximum Ride movie poster

Maximum Ride. I adored Books 1 and 2, but 3 didn’t do it for me, and 4 just turned me away from even bothering with the rest of the series. SO SAD. I did recently find the disappointing movie on Netflix, though, so… that happened, too.

Writer’s Block: a book or series you never finished

Skullduggery Pleasant box set

Soooo many. Haven’t finished the Skullduggery Pleasant series, but not because I don’t want to! It’s just taking forever to find all the later books – and, y’know, the time to read them. Also the Sword of Truth series, because too much horrific gore, not enough focus on the sexy-cinnamon-roll-who-will-cut-you protagonist, Richard Rahl.

Feedback: a book or series you would recommend to anyone and everyone

“I Am Nottingham” by Tirzah Duncan. It’s not anywhere close to finished yet, but even in its WIP state, it is THE BEST Robin Hood retelling I’ve ever known. Like, don’t even make me choose between it and my own Outlaws of Avalon; I will split apart inside.

Aaaand I am probably supposed to tag other bloggers now, but I’m out of time as it is, so if there’s anyone reading this who wants to play? Consider yourself personally invited. And if play along you do, feel free to link up to your posts in comments below; I’m sure to eventually have the time to read them.

P.S. – bonus photos of Yosemite! Shared at the request of The Pixie Chronicles. (See what magic you wield when you leave comments? ;D)

Yosemite_IMG_20180112_100550955_HDR - CopyYosemite_IMG_20180112_104001298_HDR - Copy

2 thoughts on “Time for Tag! (Or So We’ll Pretend)

  1. Yay! I love the Saruman quote- so applicable to life! I haven’t read any of the books you used, but thief-leading-a double-life-in-Victorian-England sounds intriguing. I just need to read more books. But the time though.Thank you so much for participating in the tag, I had fun reading your post!

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