Lightbulb Moments: You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

What I hope you know = My re-release of “Inspired” and first-time release of its sequel, “Out of My Head” are coming in – *checks calendar* – ohmygosh, just 6 more weeks!

What you may not know (given that I believe this is my first time officially announcing it) = Along with the novels, I’ll be releasing one more special treat. Presenting, the cover of…

Lightbulb Moments: An Inspired Journal

Inspired Journal Cover 12, front

That’s right, readers o’ mine. I have crossed a dream off my bucket list and designed a journal. Because, c’mon. “Inspired” co-protagonist Annabelle lives for her scribble-filled notebooks. And gosh knows she came by that honestly, because I too am a sucker for a gorgeous journal, as “Lightbulb Moments” will definitely be – filled with quotes from both “Inspired” novels, done up so fancy-like that you better believe I’m using some of them as designs in the Ever On Word shop on Society6. For example, a page taken from this little snippet of “Inspired”:

“Well, there’s always an alternate universe! A happier one,” I say firmly. “And after that … or before that? … ugh, who even knows? There are too many stories out there! And I do mean that in the best way possible.”

“Well,” says a smiling, shrugging Wilbur, “you’ve got to start somewhere.”

“Phew. Okay. Priorities. Into the huddle, Guys,” I say. “We’ve got some brainstorming to do.”

S6_Start Somewhere 01 - Copy

As of now, the above design is available for purchase on tote bags and travel mugs, stickers and greeting cards… even its very own notebook. ;D

Society6 tryptich_Start Somewhere

As for “Lightbulb Moments” in its full glory, I’ll be giving one lucky somebody a free copy on – *re-checks calendar* – April 17th. Why then? One, it’s a good friend’s birthday, so I’ve got better odds of remembering the date. Two, it’s a good month after the release of “Inspired” and “Out of My Head”, meaning it’ll give everybody a decent chunk of time to read and review one or both of the books on Amazon, which is – you guessed it! – exactly how you get an entry in the giveaway. Just link me to your review before the April deadline (review both books for double your chances of winning!), and a free “Lightbulb Moments” journal could be yours.

“But wait!” you may cry. “What if I’m a slower reader who needs a little extra time to get through and review a book?” Good news: Advance review PDFs of the “Inspired” novels ARE available! Ask in good faith, and ye shall receive.

Covers 1 and 2, side by side

Stick around throughout the next weeks leading up to Release Day, because more peeks into the journal / new Ever On Word shop designs will be coming your way. ‘Til then, my friends…

~ Happy Writing

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