Camp Q&A, Part 3: So Super Close to the End

Previously on Ever On Word (specifically, here and here), I – and, at her insistence, Annabelle Iole Gray, of “Inspired” fame – got together with the main characters from my next novel (“So Super Dead”) and a whole bunch of questions found via the NaNoWriMo blog.

“Because,” Annabelle inserts, “how better to introduce new fictional folk – to one’s audience, or one’s self – than by means of a totally in-depth author-to-character Q&A?”

Brilliantly drawn character portraits come to mind, but I haven’t decided yet whether to splurge on commissions for that, so … this is what we’ve got to work with.

A big hand, one last time, for the big three of “So Super Dead”: the angry ghost of Brenna Walsh; the Paranormal Reality Channel’s very own Thackeray Kyle, the Vampire Hunter; and all the way from Second Earth (better known, here on First Earth, as the moon), aspiring superhero Nicky “Xtra-Medium” Ellenbogen-Jones!

  1. What recurring dream does your character have?

Thackeray: “It’s not a dream. It’s worse, and it’s why I don’t sleep.”

  1. What is the meaning of life to your character?

Brenna: “Didn’t have one. And it’s a bit late to figure it out now.”

  1. If your character wrote a NaNo novel, would they be a planner, pantser, or plantser?

Annabelle: “I’d plan like crazy, only to have my muses hijack everything with their own bright ideas.”

Brenna: “Since when do you get to answer questions?”

Annabelle: “Since I’m the only character here who writes books, that’s when.”

  1. What book does your character pretend to have read?

Thackeray: “Okay, I admit it. Despite my claim to have read through the entire ‘Twilight’ series in the interest of thorough familiarity with all available vampire lore, I didn’t bother to pick up companion novella ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’. Sue away.”

  1. Someone takes undeserved credit for your character’s work. What do they do?

Nicky: “I mean, they say heroism is supposed to be its own reward, so I guess it doesn’t much matter who gets the accolades at the end. That being said, I’d be so super bummed. This is probably another question that gets answered with ice cream.”

  1. What controversial belief or view does your character hold? Why? Do they hide it?

Brenna: “Is the belief that Thackeray Kyle sucks controversial?”

Thackeray: “I have a disturbing number of fans who would fight you IRL over it, but that doesn’t necessarily make you wrong.”

  1. Your character is at a theme park. Where do they go first?

Nicky: “Aw man, is it Disney World?!”

Annabelle: “Lol, where else? I mean, assuming you’ve just saved the world, what are you gonna do next?

Nicky: “I want pics at the castle! With Mickey Mouse ears! Or Minnie Mouse ears? Whichever. Wherever it is you get ears, that’s gotta be my first stop.”

  1. What’s your character’s favorite name?

Thackeray: “Genevieve.”

Annabelle: “Because?”

Thackeray: “Read the book and take a guess.”

  1. What’s the biggest compliment they’d give themselves?

Brenna: “I’m not big on compliments, but I don’t spend half as much time beating myself up as these other two do, so I guess this question’s mine. Um… Badass moments. I canonically have those. Also, I’m a marginally better person than anyone in that book deserves.”

  1. How does your character feel about bugs?

Nicky: “Not a fan, though it’s illegal on Second Earth to squish them on purpose, since you never know whether it’s a bug bug, or a person whose power is to shift into a bug. So you just gotta learn to live around ‘em.”

  1. If your character could hit a reset button on their life, would they?

Thackeray: “God, yes.”

Brenna: “Not actually. I’m not seeing a do-over that would put me in a more advantageous place. Yeah, my death was all kinds of wrong, but at least it’s put me on a course to somewhere. At least vengeance is something to do.”

Nicky: “I’m kind of with Brenna on this one. Life hasn’t been perfect, but it’s brought me here, so I can only hope that here is where I’m needed.”

And with that, our series of questions comes to an end … reminding me that, oh snap, I’d better take steps toward obtaining a proof copy of “So Super Dead” soon, so I can make sure it’s publication-ready by September! In the meanwhile, here’s a refresher on what the novel’s all about:

So Super Dead cover, remix 02.3, gallery

The ghost: Sure, seventeen-year-old Brenna hadn’t thought much of her life, but she’s not about to take her murder lying down. With one death to live and nothing left to lose, Brenna’s out for vengeance. Trouble is, her murderer’s already dead.

The killer: The reality of TV star Thackeray Kyle, the Vampire Hunter, is not the kind one lives to tell about. He’ll do whatever it takes – and take out whomever he must – to keep his secret safe. If only he could get his dead conscience to quit haunting him…

The talker: Agender mutant teen Nicky finally has himmer’s superpower, and s/he’s ready to save the world. …Or, y’know, talk to dead people, since that’s really all s/he can do. But now, caught between a responsibility to Brenna, a debt to a closeted monster, and the inevitability of a super-villainous terrorist attack, Nicky’s scrambling for the right words to bring two lifeless friends peace and prove himmerself a hero. Because if s/he doesn’t, the world’s dead will number far more than one ghost-whisperer can handle.

So Super Dead” – coming this fall!

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