My Type o’ Writer

It’s that time of year, again! By which I mean, the one where I have been diligently producing blog content for almost a year and am very tired and wistfully looking at the idea of taking a hiatus. So I’m thinking Ever On Word will go quiet for the month of December. But that leaves today, the last Friday of November. What to blog about??

Fortunately, when Present Me is feeling uninspired, she can often turn to ideas that Past Me jotted down somewhere but never used – such as this list of ‘writer stereotypes’ by Paper Fury. How do I stack up against them? Let us discuss.

  1. Writers stay up late and work best in darkness

This actually used to be true of me. During the height of my creative frenzy (circa 2010 – 2015ish), I legitimately did most of my living in the middle of the night. (See “Open Journal: Creature of the Night.”) But anymore, I have a day job that dictates I be up-and-at-‘em with the winter sun, so bedtime’s 9pm, closer to 10 if I’m being naughty. If I wanna make words, it needs to happen in daylight.

  1. Writers drink a lot of coffee + go to coffee shops to write

Make that “writers drink entirely too much tea”, and I will, first of all, demand how you dare suggest there is such a thing as “too much tea” – (apologize or we duel) – and second of all agree that, yes, I am all about that tea life. And I do quite enjoy tea shops, but not as places to write. Noisy public spaces impede my creative process. My gal Tirzah, however, is a fiend for writing in coffee shops, and I have been known to tag along and occupy myself in other artistic pursuits (*cough* mostly selfies *cough*).

Tea and Coffee Shops
Taking time for tea and/or coffee and/or amateur photography.
  1. The writer uniform is: Pajamas

My pajamas are for bedtime and nothing else. If I want to be able to function outside of bed, I need daytime clothes. …Which can be every bit as slouchy and soft and unsuitable for errand-running as pajamas, but go by a different name in my brains, and Names Have Power. Ask a fairy tale.

  1. Writers are always crying over having to write

If I’m crying creator tears, it’s because I had a total blast making my story / song / blog post / whatever, and eagerly shared the artwork with the world … and the world did not appear to notice.

  1. Writers are partially made of crumbs or are six dragons in a trench coat

My trench coat conceals a kraken.


  1. Writers are obsessed with stationary

I mean, I did design my own journal… And do have more journals than I expect I will ever actually fill… And spend a lot of time ogling fancy journals while shopping… And am essentially Annabelle Iole Gray from the “Inspired” novels

“Is she a writer?” Yves asked in a near-whisper.

“There’s hope for it,” said Luc. “She cradles two new journals in the crook of her arm, and is considering a third. If they are for her, we can assume her plans to fill them.”

– from “Inspired”

Hello, New Journal 01
From “Lightbulb Moments: An INSPIRED Journal”

Do you like your name, New Journal? It’s Irish, and means ‘fair’. I didn’t think you’d mind being given an Irish name, even if you are, according to a certain tattoo of yours, Taiwanese. What if your Irish parents served as missionaries in Taiwan, and you happened to be born and spent your formative years there before going out to seek your fortune on a book retailer’s shelf here in Missouri, U. S. of A.? Or what if you got the tat because you identify as Asian in your secret heart of hearts, never mind your being genetically second-generation Irish-American? No, make that third-generation. Your grandparents came over on the Titanic – well, partway on the Titanic; emergency switch in transport, mid-Atlantic, history will recall – and I guess their owners must have been wealthy enough to get first crack at the lifeboats, so…

“For heaven’s sake,” Luc said, his voice an almost Abishan-like growl. “Is she planning to write her first novel on the family history of a notebook?”

– from “Inspired”

So… yeah.

  1. Writers hate editing

I hate being told to edit. But I very much enjoy fiddling with what I’ve written, every time I reread it. It’s one of the increasingly few activities I can lose myself and relax in.

  1. Writers will correct your grammar

I very much will. And spelling. And usage. And unnecessary repetition. And punctuation. But mostly in my own head, not out loud, so you won’t even know how much you want to smack me.

  1. Writers want to drink readers’ tears

If I wept writing it, I want you ugly sobbing with me. Fair’s only fair.

  1. Writers hiss at people and live alone in a cottage in the deepest moors

…Close enough.

Meanwhile, in the comments section: Are you Team Tea or Team Coffee? What, instead of or in addition to journals, tops your “I don’t need it, but I nee-ee-eed it” list? Dare I ask who you are beneath the trench coat?

Chat with me in the comments, and I’ll see you all in January!

4 thoughts on “My Type o’ Writer

  1. I’m actually Team Hot Chocolate, with a dash of vanilla and cloves. 😁 My “needs” tend to include art of my characters (I spend way too much on commissions at FanX), and beneath my trench coat, I’m secretly an elemental. 😉
    Also, enjoy your holiday break! May it be filled with peace and joy!

    • 1) Yours sounds like a yummy team!
      2) Fan art is a worthy need-not-need. #NeverEnough
      3) Ooh, an elemental! Water, air, earth, fire, or other? ^^
      4) Peace and joy to you, too, my friend. ❤

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