Thoughts from the Weekend

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It’s putting our selfhood aside for the sake

of the customers’ right to be wrong

Indentured service to

neo-feudal lords

Too broke for excitement?

It pays to be bored

We tick to their clocks

we dance to their tune

They say ‘jump’ and we

shuffle so high

Boss makes a dollar,

and you and me? Well,

after taxes,

I figure we’ll see


And then it’s the far side

of the crawling rush

The key in the door,

our smells in the walls

The shucking of clothing code compliant,

the shimmying into our not-quite-pajamas

The sounds or the silence

that our ears have craved

The sprawl of us

over the space ours to claim

The words to be shared

in unmixed company

The night stretched as long as we dare


It’s labor for The Market’s benefit

(At least this gig comes with full benefits)

The spending of our finest resource


in exchange for pretend paper

wired to the bank

These are not your friends,

but Company Family

sans real companionship

or chosen blood bonds

Talk of the weather and

/that/ supervisor

That look ‘cross the floor

is all that you share


And then it’s the one

who will dream alongside you

A lazy morning with no rush until tea

Last time, ‘twas the shore

Shall we now to the forest?

Or shopping (eyes only)

or buying (we’ve earned it)

A book ‘neath the sun

and the moon in the blue

A moment of nothing

but wind in the green

You show me a joke

and I tell you a story

Tomorrow, let’s do it all over


It’s do what we must so as

to make a living

And then it’s the living

we do in between

It’s full- or part-time waking hours


And then, love,

It’s back to the real world


– “A Living, A Life” by Deshipley

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