Obscure Little References, No Big Deal

Alright, lovelies. I teased in my last post that I had a new “Big City, Little Magics” story hanging out just beyond your reach. But you’ve been waiting long enough – (or have not been waiting, because you forgot I mentioned any such story… or you never read that post in the first place… and lol, for all I know, there’s nobody reading this post now! But carrying on regardless…) – so today’s the day.

It all started when I remembered, ‘Oh hey – I can make my characters’ faces on ArtBreeder.com!’ I’d taken advantage of the site months ago, doing my best to create approximations of Amygdala, Couch, Manchester, and Sleeves (as seen in the title image for “Big City, Little Magics” and the band poster for Manchester Leif). Then the website’s existence got lost in the memory fog of my brain for a while… then I woke up and crafted a portrait for Pot Chip (as debuted on the BCLM band’s Tumblr).

And now that the muse and I have found it again, we’re eager to expand our BCLM character portrait series. As of this post’s drafting, I am most interested to get some good takes on Travis Marina and Harkness. In the meanwhile, though, I happened to end up with my first-ever rendering of Glass.

For any casual readers wondering, ‘Glass who??’: First briefly introduced in Book 2/”Big Feels, Unlimited Magics, then seen again with a bit part in “A Thing About Sleeves”, Glass is Sleeves’ coworker and friend – and this new short story of approx. 2000 words shows how that came to be.

Timeline-wise, the story spans from right after “Dearer Than Dignity” to an early-middle point of Book 3/”The Self-Construction of Couch”.

Title-wise, I call it “Riding High on Love’s True Bluish Light”. (Which may or may not be obnoxiously esoteric of me, but I have yet to think up a different title I enjoy more, so here we are. Love it, hate it, ask me to explain it… you’ll be valid, honey.)

Link-wise, you can read it on Wattpad here (for free! …or, if you’re inclined, for Ko-Fi tips).

That’s all I’ve got for now, m’dears.

‘Til next my quiet creative storm touches down,

~ Danielle

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