PerGoSeeMo Psalms

As explained in fuller detail here, November 2011 is my Personal God Seeking Month. What that means for this page is that, every day for 30, I will compose a psalm inspired by… well, whatever God chooses to inspire me with, and will post links to them here, in the hope that these writings will be of some benefit to someone besides the psalmist. Be blessed, somebody.


Psalm 1 — In the Beginning

Psalms 2 / 3 — Quiet / The Heavens Tell of the Glory of God

Psalm 4 — That Which I Cannot Yet See

Psalm 5 — Show and Tell

Psalm 6 — [I] Am

Psalm 7 — Every Step a Chance to Go Astray

Psalm 8 — Join Me on the In-Between

Psalm 9 — God is Greater Than Our Hearts

Psalm 10 — Where Do You Speak? Where Are You Seen?

Psalm 11 — Let All Creation Bring You Glory

Psalm 12 — Armed for the Spirit War

Psalm 13 — One

Psalm 14 — For the Greater Good of Story

Psalm 15 — Oh, That I’d Sing Like This Now And Always

Psalm 16 — A New Song

Psalm 17 — Yet Another Song

Psalm 18 — What Do You Desire For Your People?

Psalm 19 — Checkmate

Psalm 20 — Like Author…

Psalm 21 — Friends Caught Sleeping

Psalm 22 — Forgive My Unbelief

Psalm 23 — Feelings Are Deceptive

Psalm 24 — It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Psalm 25 — Are My Words Yours?

Psalm 26 — Listen to the Words the Lord Has Given

Psalm 27 — Unknown Haiku

Psalm 28 — Perfect Peace

Psalm 29 — What If I Had Not Listened?

Psalm 30 — Glory! Glory!

Psalm 31 — In The Beginning, Reprise


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