Published Stories Inventory

I like lists. I also like having my writing published. It was only a matter of time before I eventually combined the twain.

Below is the record of Danielle E. Shipley fiction I’ve been privileged to see published to date, including links to the stories themselves and/or where one has the best chance of acquiring them. I eagerly anticipate the list’s expansion over the course of my writing career. Cheerio!

The proud author, in the billiard room, with her copy of the anthology that holds her story. …Not that her house technically has a billiard room. Nor has the book, to her knowledge, been used as a murder weapon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Still Broken” – Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 008, Dec. 2011

Along for the Ride” – “A Cuppa and an Armchair” (Equipe), Dec. 2011

The Shining Son” – The First Line, Volume 13, Issue 4, Winter 2011

Mercy Denied” – Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 009, March 2012

Superpower Outage” – Digital Dragon Magazine, March 2012 (out of e-print)

Shadow Lights” – Hogglepot Science Fiction and Fantasy Journal, April 2012

*Illustrations for “Fluffy” by Christine Cunningham – “Cookies and Milk, Volume 2” (Equipe), May 2012*

Tale as Old as Time” – “Cookies and Milk, Volume 3” (Equipe), June 2012

Train of Thought” – Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 010, June 2012

Gingerbread Man to Compete in Triathlon” and “Game-Changing Name Change for Rumplestiltskin” – “Our Brothers Grimmest: Contributors Of The”(, Nov. 2013 (out of e-print)

And – neither last nor least, but the beginning of much, much more – the growing catalog to be found on the “My Books” page of my website,




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