The Stranger Than Truth Club Minutes

Truth is stranger than fiction. We are–

Stranger Than Truth 02

Cast of Characters:

STT Danielle

~ Danielle ~

“Author and recorder of the minutes. So, basically scrambling to keep up with these yahoos.”

STT Lute

* * *

~ Lute ~

“Gant-o’-the-the Lute, minstrel extraordinaire. Also royalty, once, but we don’t talk about that.”

STT Bruno

* * *

~ Bruno ~


STT Edgwyn

* * *

~ Edgwyn ~

“Hello. ^-^ Edgwyn Wyle, tailor-prince of Denebdeor, at your service.”


* * *

~ Sy ~

“Muse, life coach, thief lord, spymaster, Head Mod of the Stranger Than Truth Club. And a priest, somehow.”

STT Will

* * *

~ Will ~

“Heeey, babes! Will Scarlet, here. Outlaw, Rennie, general life enthusiast. Lord, I’m sexy.”

STT Allyn

* * *

~ Allyn ~

“Allyn-a-Dale, son of Lute. Minstrel to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. Will Scarlet’s best friend. Pity me.”

STT Tirzah

* * *

~ Tirzah ~

“Tirzah Duncan, author of Sy, lesser Mod of the Stranger Than Truth Club, generally considered everyone’s cool auntie.”

Also Featuring:

Little Allyn = “Also Allyn, but younger. And better. I’m the fabulous one.”

Kitten = Wild animal. Do not feed. That’s Bruno’s job.

Robin Hood = “You may have heard of me.”

Marion Hood = “Merry Woman. Robin Hood’s sweetheart. The glue that holds the outlaw band together.”

Little John = Silent but deadly.

Dorian Gant = “Eldest son of King Jackillen Gant of Carillon. Not a minstrel, so he doesn’t love me.”

Sir Lancelot = “A legend among legends.”

{“Lord, what an arrogant prick,” Sir Bedivere notes.}

Sir Gawain = “Knight of the Round Table, vassal to Arthur Pendragon, High King of All the Britons, long may he reign.”

Queen Guinevere = “First Lady of Camelot, consort to Arthur Pendragon,” *waves toward Gawain* “what he said.”

Arthur Pendragon, High King of All the Britons (long may he reign) = “So what’s left to say?”

Sir Galahad = “Knight of the Round Table. Son of Sir Lancelot. Really unsure how I got roped into any of this.”

Apple = “The daughter of a chamberlain and a general, so I’ve got numbers and common sense in my blood, and the capacity to lead and inspire thousands in my hand. I’m sort of assuming that last bit.”

Rosalba = “Crown Princess of Denebdeor – which roughly encapsulates all, if you know aught of my kingdom’s legacy.”

Dalvin = “Grace the Mace, up-and-coming mercenary of Yaa. I may or may not fantasize about an eventual reign of terror.”

Gilbert = “Who can tell?”

Mordred = “Yes. That Mordred.”

Amie = “I’m just a lit-fic girl in a fantasy world.”


Jul. 19/15 = Stranger Than Truth

Jul. 26/15 = Lily-White; Conservative

Aug. 9/15 = Fancy Footwork

Sept. 13/15 = Proceed With Caution

Sept. 27/15 = World Peace or Nah?

Oct. 11/15 = Truly Strange Reviews: “Of Mice and Monsters”

Feb. 28/16 = Kiss, Marry, Kill

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