Of Favored Escapes and Celestial Self-Mates

Once upon a nocturne of the soul, I felt myself magnet-drawn to make poetry.

It’s struck again – the whim, the mood, the muse – and the results are these:


The first, a sigh for a favored escape…

Magnet Poetry_Sotto Voce

come to the forest

accompany me

leave confusion

enter harmony


spirit, slow

quiet within

sotto voce


The second, an ode to my celestial self-mate…

Magnet Poetry_Quoth the Dusk

quoth the dusk:



through that shroud of crepuscular light:


white in black;

a solo of shadows,

filling an adagio sky.

tell-tale music –

signature song by

our moon.


do you see?”


P.S. – If you’d like to support another artistic endeavor celebrating the moon, please see my GoFundMe.

P.P.S. – No blog post coming next week, for I’ll be off trying to relax on vacation. Until afterward, friends!

Down in Yon Forest

Self-discovery since arriving in Germany: I need semi-regular rambles around the great outdoors. Preferably, through the woods located a ten-, fifteen-minute walk from the house.

You probably couldn’t tell from my fairytale series literally centered around a forest (gosh knows you wouldn’t know from my upcoming trilogy that pays continual homage to Sherwood), but woodlands are the song of my heart. (Up there with the moon and water and minstrel music.) Getting lost in the trees gives me a vital shot of not just technically living, but actually being alive. In the woods, I’m not just taking in air, but breathing. Bugs, mud, and prickly plants notwithstanding, it is my happy place, and you’d think there’d be very little anyone could do to improve my wood-walking experience.

You’d think wrong.

Because the other day, during Tirzah’s and my merry wandering, we happened upon this.

Forest Christmas 02

Yes, my friends: Somebody had gone into the middle of the woods and created a Christmas tree!

We were shocked! We were stoked! I felt blessed as if by heaven’s very angels! For you see, though there is a song of Christmas in my heart, too, I’ve had a rocky time maintaining the holiday spirit this year – largely due, I figure, to being seven time zones away from my family and our home where Christmas music blasts from the radio nonstop all December long.

So to discover such a festive little thing among all the regular trees I so adore? That = visual tidings of comfort and joy.

Forest Christmas 05

I am twice glad Tirzah was with me. Once, because this was an experience to be shared. Twice, because I make it a point not to take a camera with me on my walks; I’d hate to get so wrapped up in trying to perfectly frame a sight for the future that I miss out on fully engaging in the present. Tirzah, on the other hand, makes it a point to go nowhere without her phone. So on this special occasion that totally demanded it, pics were had!

My warmest well wishes to whoever thought up and executed this most magnificent of simple gifts. Merry Christmas to me! And to you, my Ever On Wordians all. ^_^