“Timepiece” or “ONE MORE DAY’s First Day, and its First Story’s Author!”

No More Days to wait, my friends! The “One More Day” anthology has launched, and is now available in print and e-book!

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(So many options! So much excitement! Gaaaaaah!)

OneMoreDay_Cover-blogLikewise, the “One More Day” blog tour has begun, meaning (among other grand things) I get to start sharing with you my hard-hitting interviews with each of the authors who contributed a tale to the book. To kick things off, give it up for Anna Simpson, whose story “Timepiece” opens up the anthology.

Hello, Anna! Tell us: How did you hear about the “One More Day” anthology contest, and what prompted you to submit?

Anna: I read Make Believe and helped promote it because I knew some of the authors. J Taylor has high standards, strong ethics and treated them so professionally I knew that they wouldn’t publish my work unless it was truly ready.

Is this your first published story? (If not, what was?)

Anna: Yes, this was my first and an enjoyable experience it has been, too. 🙂

Which of the characters in your story was your favorite? Who was the easiest to write? What about the hardest?

Anna: My favorite was the hardest to write. I had some trouble with Sadie and Adie because they were the same person but from two different timelines. I wanted to make them different enough so they could be identifiable, but not so different that the reader wouldn’t believe they were the same person.

I guess when I see the reviews I’ll know how I did. Fingers crossed.

If you’d been in the place of your story’s main character, how do you suppose you would have handled their situation?

Anna: To be honest I could never have done what they did. Meeting myself on a dark night would have put me in a loony bin—story over. That’s what so wonderful about writing; I can pretend to be anyone.

Anyone at all, anyone, because I’m boring.

Besides your own, which of the anthology stories is your personal favorite, and why?

Anna: All the stories are good and each one appeals to me for a different reason. Don’t make me choose because it would change every day with my mood. One day I have an orange for breakfast and the next day it’s a banana. No rhyme, no reason, and no sense. hehehe

If you could read only One More Book before some tragic turn of events prevented your ability to ever read another word, which book would you choose, and why?

Anna: I’m beginning to think I’m the worst interviewee ever. If I’m not beta reading for someone then it would be a murder mystery. I love the puzzle of a good whodunit and aspire to write one someday.

Still practicing with its very delicate balance.

If you could listen to only one piece of music for a year (though at least you’re allowed to replay it as many times as you like), which song would you pick?

Anna: It would be a baroque piece with flutes and guitars. It may be weird but it lets my imagination soar.

You’ve got One More Chance to say anything you like to the good folks reading this interview before its end. What’ll it be?

Anna: Thank you, for taking the time to read this interview and I hope you make time for the anthology. I know we would all appreciate it.

Cheers. 🙂

Anna Simpson

About Anna Simpson:

Anna Simpson, mother of Bossman, enjoys living the good life near the US-Canadian border, in beautiful British Columbia. You will have better luck Googling Emaginette than her given name. Anna chose a web persona that would standout; so far it’s one of a kind.

Also on the “One More Day” blog tour:

Reader Girls

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“Anthology” or “So Many Stories, So Little Time to Wait!”

Less than One More Month until the December 2nd release of the “One More Day” “collection of selected literary pieces”!!!

I swear, the closer the day draws, the less real it feels. My first published work with J. Taylor Publishing. Ho, ly, wow. My brain has died. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Good thing I’ve had my review of the anthology sitting around for a little while now, or who knows what kind of gibberish you’d get. As it is…

The Book: “One More Day” by seven J. Taylor Publishing authors, including headliner L.S. Murphy and yours truly. (:

Genre: YA anthology.

Blurb: What if today never ends?
What if everything about life—everything anyone hoped to be, to do, to experience—never happens?
Whether sitting in a chair, driving down the road, in surgery, jumping off a cliff or flying … that’s where you’d be … forever.
Unless …
In One More Day, Erika Beebe, Marissa Halvorson, Kimberly Kay, J. Keller Ford, Danielle E. Shipley and Anna Simpson join L.S. Murphy to give us their twists, surprising us with answers to two big questions, all from the perspective of characters under the age of eighteen.
How do we restart time?
How do we make everything go back to normal?
The answers, in whatever the world—human, alien, medieval, fantasy or fairytale—could, maybe, happen today.
Right now.
What would you do if this happened … to you?


My Thoughts: One underlying premise, seven widely divergent end results. The anthology hits the ground running with Anna Simspon’s chronology-hopping “Time Piece” and Marissa Halvorson’s reality-bending “Dark Rose”. It made for a real page-turner of an opening, though I admit the preference for action over explanation displayed in both tales had me sometimes feeling as confused as the stories’ protagonists. The pace of J. Keller Ford’s “Dragon Flight” suited me better, and I enjoyed the narrative voice.

Reading “The Thirteenth Month”, I could appreciate why L.S. Murphy got top billing in this anthology. Her piece was just good. Pulse-pounding, breath-catching, scary-dark, “oh, snap, how is this going to end?!” good. I kinda feel like rereading it right now, actually, but I’m in the middle of a review, here, so I’ll have to postpone the pleasure. In briefest summary: Epic story, well executed, go read it.

Lightening the tone was Kimberly Kay’s “Sleepless Beauty” – which, from the moment I knew it as a fairytale spin, I anticipated would be right up my alley. Kay did not disappoint; on the contrary, her humorous touch with the charming plot had me smiling pretty much start to finish. And while I could not always quite understand what was happening when during Erika Beebe’s “Stage Fright”, much of the emotion at the heart of the story I could understand all too well, forging a moment of emotional connection between me and the tale’s main character which not nearly every author out there can manage.

As for the concluding piece, “A Morrow More”… well, I wrote that one, so perhaps my thoughts upon it wouldn’t be entirely objective. (That being said, I thought it was a lovely, lyrical work of art, and I look forward to this author’s future publications.)

HSYRT? (Hey, Should You Read This?): Um, yeah. I’m in it! And even if (for whatever peculiar reason) you don’t happen to be a diehard Danielle E. Shipley fan, I’m still of the opinion that there’s a little something in this collection for readers of all stripes. So don’t wait One More Day than you have to (I’m sure you saw what I did there) to get your hands on a copy of these stories.

Get hyped, guys. IT IS COMING.