What Is Even Happening

We* interrupt this delightful run of flash fiction to bring you a report on current events!

*By which I mean “me, myself, and I”. Unless some character or another decides to jump in with their two cents.

First off, yes, I’ve bid Germany farewell and am back safe and sound in the States. ‘Twas a grand adventure, while it lasted – running on and off from one autumn to another – but I’m glad to be home with my family. And I was all set to chill out in a recovery coma for a few weeks, but then, rather suddenly…

I got a job!

A second job, I should say, since obviously I’m already an author at work. It’s just, y’know, I thought it’d be financially pleasant to also hold down a gig that comes with steady pay. Hence my new data entry position over at [name/location omitted for privacy]. Here’s hoping all goes well, and doesn’t throw too much of a wrench into my plans for…



Another National Novel Writing Month is here – the first I’ve ever done while working a full-time day job.

Couple that with the body-and-spirit exhaustion that slowed down my project plotting (or even project settling-upon-and-sticking-with) in October, and who even knows what trying to draft this novel will be like? …or if it will even be a “novel” so much as it is a bunch of fiction-y words just trying to get by together. But I’ll give it my best heroic effort. And speaking of truly great heroes

There’s more Outlaws of Avalon on the way!

To help tide us all over until Book Two drops in the spring, I’ll be releasing a special little stocking stuffer this December: “An Avalon Christmas Carol”. (On Goodreads here.) Eyes open, everyone – the cover reveal’s coming next week!

“It will be gorgeous,” Allyn informs you.

“And the book itself? Too much fun!” Will assures.

So ends today’s broadcast. Any cool news of your own? Toss it in the comments.