“Help?” or “You Know She Makes Me Want a ‘LaLa’”

Just a quick public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. …Okay, fine, I’m not Spider-Man. And this may or may not qualify as a PSA. Bear with me for a few paragraphs anyway?

I’ve got this friend of friends (a performer at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in days of yore, ooh-ah!) who’s trying to get her debut album out.

She was a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles who goes by Kristen Lynn.

It was a CD called “LaLa”.

None of that actually needed to be formatted like a romance novel back-o’-book blurb, but does that sort of thing stop me? Never!

Yup, this is her!

Kristen’s got a fundraiser going on Kickstarter.com and, with the clock running down, is just a few hundred dollars shy of her goal. If the goal isn’t met in time, she doesn’t get a cent – which, I feel, would be a darn shame, because I saw her promotional video, and she seems like a fun personality with music I wouldn’t mind playing in my room from time to time.

So, here’s all I’m asking: Click this link and see Kristen’s video for yourself. If, afterwards, you don’t feel led to make a pledge, then thanks anyway, and have a great day/night/whatever’s most applicable to your particular time zone. But if, like I do, you like her sound, her look, her handwriting on those signs and little note cards, her really awesome pledge incentives, whatever… won’t you please consider offering her a wee bit of “aid or assistance”? It would mean a lot to her, and it would make me happy. (:

That is all. Back to web-slinging over the streets of New York for me!