Open Journal: A Scribble for Auld Lang Syne

Like my “Inspired” main character Annabelle, I used to journal a lot. Before I was a professional writer, I just wrote. Once a day, twice or thrice a day, or all day long, I’d scribble out my daydreams as they happened, or whimper or rage at the latest contributor to my teen angst.

Now I’ve got mid-twenties angst, but only rarely get it down on paper. I’m so busy writing for everyone else – books for publishing, statuses for Facebook, tweets for Twitter, posts for my own blog and others, e-mails… – that I don’t take much time anymore to write just for me.

A snapshot of the last time I sat down for a bit of therapeutic self-writing. 1574, wunnit?
A snapshot of the last time I sat down for a bit of therapeutic self-writing. 1574, wunnit?

On days like today, I kinda miss it. My brain’s worn out from a storm of social interaction. Until I recover (which I will, sooner or later; I always do, ‘til the next wearying plunge), it’s hard to make myself do anything useful. Even mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds takes it out of me. I’d hate to start reading a new book when I’m too numb to give it fair consideration. Lying down for a nap or plunking down in front of Netflix would feel like a waste of time. I haven’t received any messages saying I need to hurry up and ABC before XYZ deadline. So whaddo I do?

Some long-shushed part of me murmured, Try journaling.

The overindulged part of me that claims productivity as its drug of choice didn’t think that sounded worthwhile enough. So this is the compromise. Writing for me, and posting for the public. An open journal entry. Not a proper blog piece, by Ever On Word’s usual standard; not a post with a point. Just me and words, wandering at our leisure, a little like the olden days.

If this post is well-received by my readers, perchance I’ll make this one of my irregular regular features, like my erratic book reviews and that occasional “hey, here’s a thing somebody else is doing, go see” kind of stuff I do. Come to think of it, the only truly regular feature on here is Will & Allyn’s Interactive Theatre on Saturdays. Go figure.

“As if I’d let you slack on my time,” says Will, snorting a laugh.

Oh, are you going to try to show up during my journal posts, too?

“Only likely,” he says, nodding. “You say ‘free-writing’, I hear ‘free-for-all’. It wouldn’t be at all like me not to snatch at a piece of the spotlight.”

True enough. Whatever. Gosh knows it’s not worth the fight trying to ban you. Heck, anyone in my head is welcome to weigh in as they wish.

My inner Annabelle really is starting to show, isn’t it?

Art imitating me, me imitating art. The symbiosis cycles ever onward.

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

The “Inspired” blog tour marches on! (Or Aprils on, by now.) Why, just look at what went down this past week:

Friday saw me interviewed on the JeanzBookReadNReview blog, talking writing, inspiration, favorite characters, and more!

Monday on the blog of Julie Antonovich Reece, I guest posted on my favorite type of hero. (Spoiler alert: Robin Hood’s name may come up. …I may also have used the term “spoiler” somewhat loosely.)

And Wednesday, I reminisce with The Parasite Guy on “Inspired”s fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

We’ve still got a few tour stops still to come (full schedule available on my website’s homepage), and the fantastic book behind it all is still gloriously available for purchase. So if you feel thus inspired, make sure to get your copies!

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win awesome free “Inspired” goodies…of which I now have pics! Check out the charms on these bookmarks, baby (photographed with tons of love in an effort to make up for any lack of skill)!

Inspired Bookmark, Abishan

One lucky winner’s bookmark will come with this sweet kitty – the great jungle god Abishan, portrayed here in housecat form.

Inspired Bookmark, Wilbur

Another’s bookmark will sport the figure of a chess set knight, a fitting representation of the chivalrous Sir Wilbur.

Inspired Bookmark, Uri

Our gal Uri may not be overly endowed with charm, but with this rockin’ little skateboard  attached, this bookmark couldn’t scream “Uri” louder if it had a set of lungs!

Inspired Bookmark, Yves

Finding the right charm for Yves took some doing, but I think those who know him will agree that this little bird in its pretty cage suits the boy quite well indeed.

Inspired Bookmark, Annabelle

I haven’t forgotten Annabelle! What better for a young lady of letters than a charm like a journal in which to scribe her beloved words? ^.^

And for Luc… oh, for our muse Lucianíel, I could scarcely believe my good fortune when I happened upon this little gem. Whichever muse inspired the making of this entirely perfect trinket, thank you! A dozen-dozen times, thank you!

Inspired Bookmark, Luc

Like I said, folks: This is a giveaway you don’t wanna forget to enter!

Psst. Just curious: Which of the bookmark charms are your favorites? ^^

“Seven” or “Like Author, Like Character”

I received a blog award from The Hyperteller! *cough* …Way back in June. *cough* Fortunately, blog awards have an amazing shelf life, and have no problem waiting around as long as it takes for you to find a slot for them in your blogging schedule. Thanks for your patience, Tell Me About Yourself Award!

There are two rules of acceptance: 1) The nominee must tell seven things about his/herself; and 2) the nominee must nominate seven others for the award.

Because I work best with guidelines, I’ve given my facts to share a theme: Seven things about me that I share in common with one or another of my characters.

One – My idea of a totally awesome date (one of) is to go to a bookstore and stroke pretty covers and flip sweet-smelling pages and squeal over exciting new titles together. Bruno’s cousin Gianni from my “World of the Dream” saga pretty much did that, once; how’s that for romance?

Two – My heart aches for joy at the beauty of the moon. Princess Laraspur from my “Wilderhark Tales” feels the same way.

Three – Before I got serious about writing, I spent my teen years filling volumes of journals with nonsense paranormal soap operas for fun. So did Annabelle, female lead of my novel “Inspired”.

Four – Ruster from a partially-unfinished trilogy and I have the same favorite part of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Movement I. It’s this really dramatic bit toward the end of the recapitulation; a shame most listeners will never continue past the exposition. We also both play B-flat clarinet and piano, though he practices more, so he’s better.

Five – My house is over a century old. So is the Llewellyn family’s in a novel temporarily titled “Under the Stars”. (I know the book needs something cooler than that, but I haven’t found it yet. Titles, I mutter.)

Six – I own a top hat and a fox tail, just like Glyph does! …Okay, not just like him. He grew his tail himself.

I can’t even really play a flute like Glyph does. Ruster can. My minstrels can. It’s my sister’s flute, so obviously *she* can… *hangs head and feels musically inferior*

Seven – Aiming high is never high enough. I want the sky! Me and Gant-o’-the-Lute both.

“The difference being,” says Lute, “that I am far better equipped to reach it.”

Yeah, yeah, and you’re my flutin’ musical superior. We know.

And now, for the seven bloggers about which I would be glad to learn seven things:

1Dianne from Doodles

2Emerald from Dreaming Awake

3J.P. from House of Happy

4Kendra from Flame Writer

5Sam Chaffin from Her Ink-Lings

6Tirzah from The Ink Caster

7Tiyana from Seven & a Half First Drafts

Take as many months as you need to, nominees. Your award will keep. (: