Walking the Imaginary Walk, Part 2

Hello again, readers of the blog! It is I, Annabelle Iole Gray: Protagonist from the “Inspired” novels, author of various characters of my own, creator of The Totally In-Depth Author-to-Character Q&A! ® (“Oh, Yes – We Go There” TM), and of its newest subsection in which we explore how characters walk – and how we authors walk when letting aforesaid characters live through us. Last time, I assessed the walks of my jungle cat god and knight of the Order of the Dove. Let’s see if we have space to get through the rest of my fictional BFFs!


Uri Shoot 04
Danielle as Annabelle as Uri

Character: Uriel, skater angel.

Punchiest Verb for Her Walk (Stride? Saunter? Sashay?…): “All swagger, all day,” Uri drawls. “Unless the state of your fallen Earth is actively depressing me. Then my walk’s a slump.”

Which Body Part Leads the Way? (Chin, Chest, Stomach, Pelvis, Knees, Other…?): It actually kind of varies? Because she has this habit of letting her movements drag a little before spilling forward; like a musical rubato, made physical. So sometimes it’s head-first, sometimes shoulders or elbows, or even her backside if her delayed momentum spins her around. Wow, weirdly, I never consciously noticed before that this is a thing she does. Why do you, Uri?

A rolling shrug. “Cool apathy meets an authentic need to get somewhere eventually?”

Favored Tempo: Faster than she makes it look. That ‘cool apathy’ drag effect reads as slow, but you best believe she covers ground like she means it.

Other Signature Details: Hands in pockets (pants or hoodie vest) are very much her thing. Also, when walking as her, I will frequently find myself squeezing one arm against my side, as if I’m carrying her skateboard. And how she manages to exude slouching while actually walking fully upright is another heavenly mystery to me.

Uri crooks a smirk. “Heaven loves a paradox.”


Yves Shoot 02
Danielle as Annabelle as Yves

Character: Avelaine (aka Yves), French ballerina boy.

“Danseur,” he corrects me, because that’s what his father would do, and like muse, like son, apparently.

Punchiest Verb for His Walk (Stride? Saunter? Sashay?…): “My verbs will depend,” says he, “on the effect I wish to create. Perhaps I glide, or drift, or softly step. My movement is my art, and can be no static thing. But if one must name a signature, imagine my walk is a whisper; full-body susurration.”

Which Body Part Leads the Way? (Chin, Chest, Stomach, Pelvis, Knees, Other…?): Most often, his toes will point ahead, daintily parting the air before him. I, not being any kind of dancer, probably look three kinds of ridiculous trying to imitate him, but whatever – it makes me feel all airy-graceful.

Favored Tempo: Slow as a wafting feather. If he needs to move quickly, he won’t get there by walking; he’ll leap or sprint or simply mind-travel himself across the distance. If he’s walking, it means he’s got time to make a moving sculpture of himself.

Other Signature Details: Avelaine’s really not one for straight lines. When walking as him, I’ll take more of a curving, meandering path, steps sweeping, hands stroking, painting the air with my passage. I’m also likelier to walk on tiptoe, as if one pace away from floating off into the sky.

Not that Avelaine can or wants to float. That’s much more the purview of the next guy on the list…


Luc Shoot 07
Danielle as Annabelle as Luc

Character: Lucianíel, elemental of light – also, my muse.

Punchiest Verb for His Walk (Stride? Saunter? Sashay?…): Certainly ‘stride’. Sometimes even ‘sail’. Very ‘casual runway model’-esque, in any case.

Which Body Part Leads the Way? (Chin, Chest, Stomach, Pelvis, Knees, Other…?): I might say chin. Where Avelaine oft goes about with gaze cast down, watching his foot-sketches, Luc’s head is more up-tilted, pulling him onward.

Favored Tempo: “Utterly sluggish,” Luc says, “for one made of light. But at nearer my full speed, no one could keep pace. So for company’s sake, I slow.”

…To something like a normal person’s version of brisk. My body and its material limitations thank you.

Other Signature Details: As previously hinted, Luc floats – almost never coming within an inch of touching ground. But I’ve got a more standard relationship with gravity, so my version of Luc’s walk better  conveys the commanding weight of his personality. His walk is ownership, confidence, pride. The space he takes is his to manipulate. If all the world’s a stage, the muse is the director, and Lucianíel’s walk warmly claims it so. When I walk as Luc, I am insufferable. …but also sexy, if I do say so myself.


“Character!” a new voice bursts through me. “Mach Jenius! Brainstorm, bestest of best friends, brother from another plane of reality— Hey! How come there’s no picture of the Overauthor as you as me?!”

1, because Danielle called for the “Inspired” photoshoot a good while before dreaming up the sequel establishing you. 2, how in the world are we supposed to analyze your walk, Mach? You change physicality like I change shirts when I can’t decide which outfit best says ‘a trip to the bookstore, and maybe burgers after.

“Well, yeah, but surely you can work out some sort of pattern! Thinking cap time.” He plops a silk top hat upon what, for now, are close-clipped mahogany curls. “When you’re walking as me, what do you tend to do?”

I dunno. Sorta… throw myself around the room?

“Aha! As if hurled by a wind! Very brainstorm.”

More like hurled by your mad spastic energy.

“But ‘hurl’ is the verb, is the point. And which body part leads the way?”

I’m not sure. Expect plenty of exaggerated arm gestures, though. Entirely the wrong sort of china shop bull. You have broken things through me, Mach. Including, almost, my wrist.

“You had my profuse apologies for that incident, Anna-babe. What’s the next question, again?”

Favored temp—

“Oh, right! Fast!”

We know. Other signature details?

His top hat flaps its wings thoughtfully. (No, it did not have wings two seconds ago.) “Hard to say. Maybe my signature is that I have no signature. I just start moving, and see where I go.”

That you do. And what about your characters, Overauthor? How do they make you walk?

“Phew-boy,” says Danielle. “More like how don’t they? Will Scarlet’s is a heart- or hips-driven thrust – an expansive, pressing forward, in-love-with-the-world sort of walk. Allyn-a-Dale artfully creeps, slips like shadows, while Gant-o’-the-Lute… well, to quote ‘The Sky-Child’:

[He] never walked. He ran, he sprang, he cavorted, he danced; he was one place, then he was another, but he could not be bothered to /walk/ there.

“Sir Bedivere advances like a Winter Soldier. Edgwyn Wyle strolls like he’s shopping the world’s delights. I’ve got a sheriff that saunters seductively, and a dog-lover who bounces and romps, wobbles and wags. Nicky surges forward, then shrinks back, eager and unsure in equal measure. If ever I walked as Captain Johnny Crow – even in sneakers or slippers or sandals – I’d feel like I’m pacing a ship’s sea-salted deck in weathered but stylish boots.” She laughs incredulously. “It’s a wonder I’m ever caught walking as me!”

In that, by no coincidence, we are alike. And with that, this post comes to its end!

Writers in the house: Have you ever noticed – or put much creative thought into – how your characters move? Readers: Have you come across any characters whose manner of movement lives vividly on in your memory? Hop into the comments and tell all about it!

Mini Muses: Behind the Light

Covers 1 and 2, side by side

Fun fact! All of the main characters in my novel, “Inspired” – (coming in all its awesome re-release glory on March 13th!) – and it’s all-new sequel, “Out of My Head”, were deliberately based off of someone else. Annabelle Gray is totally me. Her parents and sisters are essentially mine. And her characters? Well, a couple of them have yet to attain final-form stories of their own. (Sorry, guys behind Uri and Abishan! Maybe someday. I shall try.) But as for the rest, if you’ve been keeping up with the Deshipley bibliography, you’ve met them before.

And just how do these inspiration characters feel about what I made of them in the “Inspired” novels? According to Annabelle, there’d be only one surefire way to find out: A character questionnaire. So everybody give it up for my featured museling of the day!

Name and Occupation: Gant-o’-the-Lute, minstrel extraordinaire

As Featured In…: The Wilderhark Tales (Books 3, 4, 6.5, and 7), The Outlaws of Avalon

“Inspired” Counterpart: Lucianíel, light elemental muse

Mini Muses_Lute and Luc

How Do You Feel You and Luc Are Most Similar?: “Well, most obviously,” says Lute, “there are the shortened forms of our names. You didn’t stretch yourself terribly far on that one. Then there are his superhuman qualities – the speed, the brightness, the distinctively musical voice… I, in some measure, possess all of these. Furthermore, he’s deeply dedicated to his craft, a very much goal-driven protagonist, and not nearly appreciated enough by his author or fellow characters for all he contributes to the world.”

Most Different?: “The fellow cares entirely too much about books, and deems it necessary to collaborate with inferior creatures to create them, whereas my passions are music and adventure, and I much prefer to pursue them alone.” Lute’s gaze slides unhappily sideways. “I suppose I must also admit that he has proven himself, by far, the better father figure.”

Favorite Part of the Book?: “I don’t know about ‘favorite’, but I would be remiss as your imaginary friend not to highlight this particular passage from ‘Inspired’…”

Annabelle gave a ragged laugh. “You don’t have any time to waste, Lucianíel! You are not real! You are a piece of my imagination that is running amok, and who needs to get his ego in line before I start thinking this cute, delusional relationship of ours has gone past its expiration date and needs tossing out! I can’t believe I’m sitting here yelling about this! Go away. I’m reading. Come back when you want to be worth something again.”

Lucianíel’s eyes blazed. “You want to speak of delusions?” he hissed, leaning down until, on the same plane, their noses would have touched. “Here’s one you’d do best to rid yourself of, little girl, before I start forming thoughts of my own – of which I am more than capable, Annabelle Almighty, let there be no mistake about that!

“You and the abishan are under a similar misconception. You think that because you are our author, we should all bow at your feet in unquestioning adoration. But you are not our goddess. You are not our queen. We are gods and heroes, angels and elementals – and you are merely our annoying scribe.”

“I forget, now, what you’d done to set me off like that, but some of Luc’s dialogue there was almost word for word what I once spoke to you. I’m glad to see the moment made an impression on one of us.”

Favorite Character Besides “Yourself”?: “Avelaine,” he says fondly. “Let us simply say he’s based upon a character of great importance to me.”


Thanks for your time, Lute! And readers, stay tuned – both for the continuation of this questionnaire series, and the release of the “Inspired” novels!

Got any more questions for Gant-o’-the-Lute or his author regarding “Inspired”? Ask away in the comments!

Fashionably Late to the Party

*rolls out of bed*

*checks Twitter*

*sees this post*

Muse Party Blogfest

Me: “Wait. What? Muse Party Blogfest?! Holy Moe, this has to happen!”

Will Scarlet: “YE-ESS! Party, party, party!”

Me: “Um, actually, I was thinking about this for Luc and Annabelle.”

Will: “What? I— Oh. …Yeah. Sure, I guess… whatever.”

Me: “Dude, we party all the time. Let the fictional author with her card-carrying muse have some fun.”

Will: Will they have fun?”

Me: “Only one sure way to find out.”


Who is your muse (or character)? Tell us a little bit about him/her and why you brought them.


Hi! I’m Annabelle Iole Gray, author of… well, nothing famous yet, but I’m in my teens; there’s still time. This is Lucianíel. Luc, for short. He’s a light elemental who showed up in my dreams, one night, all suave and too beautiful by half, offering to take me on as his artist. I shoulda read the fine print, there, but it’s worked out all right. And— um, I’m sorry, who are you?

“Will Scarlet. Don’t mind me. My author and I are doubling with you ‘n’ Luc. That’s cool, right?”


“This is not my fault. -_-”

What are you guys wearing? Dressing up or keeping it casual?

If I’m going to bother to leave the house, even if it’s just for a bookstore or library run, I’ve got to fancy up – even if it comes out a bit… random. For tonight, I pulled out my black hoodie waistcoat (technically just a vest, but calling it a waistcoat makes it sound classier), over a technicolor leopard print dress, over black leggings, with gold gogo boots borrowed from my sister. Also, my treble and bass clef earrings.


Thanks… Will, was it? Anyway, Luc’s wearing what he always is: The well-pressed suit with the Mandarin-style jacket, the dark color in striking contrast with his white-blonde hair, gold eyes, and overall luminescent complexion. Did I not say “suave and too beautiful by half”? Zero hyperbole.

“I’m going in a ‘modern Merry Men’ direction,” Will inserts. “Close-fit jeans, casual tunic, jaunty hat and killer boots… all red, of course.” He jerks a thumb behind him. “And Danielle’s still in her PJs.”

“I didn’t know we were going out, okay?!”

It’s a potluck! Did you bring something yummy?

We were supposed to bring food? Um…

Luc’s bell-like voice rings out, “Leave it to me, my dear.” And at the speed of light (yes, literally), he’s gone and back bearing a tray of fresh fruit kabobs.

“Fruuuuuit! My favorite! Luc’s my hero!”

“Way to make me look bad, dude,” Will grumbles. “You couldn’t’ve grabbed a box of donuts with my name on it while you were out?”

Luc gives Will a flat look. “You. Are. Crashing.”

Open bar! What are you both drinking (booze or otherwise)?

I’ll have the lemonade iced tea, on the rocks – with a bottle of sparkling fruit-flavored water for my fellow author, here.

“Hey, thanks!”

“Ale or root beer. Surprise me. Luc, do you drink? Or eat? Or anything?”

He doesn’t require it, no. Brew up the right pot of tea, though, and he’ll take it with two sugars, no cream, scalding enough to kill a man.

Wallflowers or social butterflies?

Hahahaha, parties terrify me. Won’t stop me trying to strike up loud conversations with everyone who looks remotely friendly, though!

“Good call. If we instigate the interactions, no one can sneak up on us before we’re ready.”

Luc prefers to just hover and watch. And your Will Scarlet has already flirted that half of the room to its knees.

“Of cour— WILL! Stop making out with the couch!”

“Would you let me schmooze, please? I’m trying to network; maybe pick up someone interested in coming onto my talk show! Also, the couch is a good kisser.”

“Gimme strength…”

What song(s) will you and your muse sing for karaoke?

After Will and Danielle are done with their Disney medley, Luc, whadda you wanna do? You think they’ll have the backtrack to the Phantom’s solo in “Love Never Dies”? I know it speaks to you, having lost your first beloved author and all.

“I am no performer of art,” he demurs. “But by all means enjoy yourself, Annabelle. Something from that boy band you wanted to marry in your preteens, perhaps.”

I didn’t want to marry the whole band. Just my should’ve-been soulmate.

What’s your favorite party game?

Anybody here know how to play Guesstures? Or, ooh, what’s that other one…?

“Catch Phrase?”

YES! Oh, and Mad Gab!

“And Spin the Bottle!”

Luc’s brow drifts upward. “Hoping to score with the couch again?”

Party Games

Which one of you is more likely to end up dancing on a table top?

*everyone points to Will Scarlet*

*…dancing on a table top*

Has your muse been a good date and would you ever hang out with them again?

Luc’s been a class act, same as always. Anytime he inspires me to take him out again is fine by me!

“Scarlet’s been Scarlet. We’re inseparable anyway. Thanks for putting up with us, Annabelle.”

Hey, characters will be characters, right?

Will Scarlet winks. “Always.”

Any other author ‘n’ muse/character pairings want to join the party? Hop in with the host, The Faux Fountain Pen!

Which INSPIRED Character Are YOU? (INSPIRED Days)

Who doesn’t love a personality quiz? ^o^

A) Boo to quizzes!

B) Yay, quiz!

If you chose A, this blog post isn’t for you, and I recommend you browse the Ever On Word archives for something better suited to your tastes. But if you chose B, then you are in luck, because some muse put it in my head to create a quiz based on my nearly-six-month-old novel and share it during “INSPIRED Days”!

Inspired Days Button

You can take the quiz via playbuzz.com, and/or right here on the blog. Which of the book’s main cast do you most resemble? Let’s find out!

1) The world is ending. What do you do?

– Run for my life

Try to save everyone


Make smart-aleck remarks

Activate my emergency escape plan

Over-dramatize the whole affair

2) Suppose I told you you’re more powerful than you know?

Inspired, Luc

– I know exactly how powerful I am

Suppose I told you you’re the one who has no idea?

I would strive to use all my power for good

Ah, but do I have the strength to use the power I have?

Hahaha, well, that’s not dangerous at all…

Um, could I get some specifics, Captain Cryptic?

Yves, cropped

3) Preferred mode of transportation?

– On foot

On wheels


Anything but flying


I have to leave the house? Uh, could somebody drive me?

4) Pick an animal:



– Cat



Gryphon, dragon, something epic like that

Abishan, cropped

5) Pick a leisure time activity:



– Eating


Meaningful conversation

Whatever my friends want to do is fine

Wilbur, cropped

6) How social are you?

I love being with people

– I want people when I want them. Otherwise, leave me alone

People? Ugh

I like to be on the fringes

I enjoy spending time with a special few

Imaginary friends preferred

7) Someone’s done you grievously wrong. What do you do?

Abandon them to their fate

Put the fear of God in their hearts

Try to understand the situation from their point of view

Suffer in silence

Express my anguish through my art

– Kill them

Uri, cropped

8) Who’s the boss of you?

I’ll follow any worthy leader

– Boss all you like, but don’t expect me to listen

I call the shots, whether you know it or not


My parents

The voices in my head


9) Who are you hoping this quiz will say you are?

– Abishan. He’s obviously superior

Lucianíel. What the muse wants, he gets

Inspired, Annabelle

Wilbur would be nice, but there are so many other wonderful people to choose from…

Well, it would be pretty lame if I picked all the Uri-est answers and didn’t get Uri, so… let’s not be lame

Whichever is truest

Truth, schmuth, give me one of the cool ones!


If you answered mostly gold = You are Lucianíel! A commanding muse with a love of creation, and an inspiration to us all. You not only have all the bright ideas, you’ve got the finesse to steer everyone toward the fulfillment of your goals. To work with you is a rewarding privilege. To work against you is… unadvisable.

If you answered mostly black = You are Abishan! A god among cats and a cat among mortals, everyone loves you, or they’re wrong. No one needs to remind you of your worth, though you’ll favor them if they do. Bonus points if they feed you.

If you answered mostly green = You are Wilbur! Everybody loves you because you love everybody. You’re caring, compassionate, and stand up for others. Just make sure you don’t forget to stand up for yourself sometimes, too, eh?

If you answered mostly red = You are Uri! Let people say whatever they want about you; whatever you say in reply is bound to be a better zinger. You’ve got plenty of ‘tude and the awesome points to back it up. Like it or leave it, world. Or, y’know what? Leave regardless.

If you answered mostly blue = You are Yves! Your quietness makes you easy to overlook, but anyone who truly sees you knows what a masterpiece you are. Stay on the outside if that’s where you feel most at home. Just don’t let it be because of fear. You’re stronger than that.

If you answered mostly purple = You are Annabelle! You can be a bit of a loony loose cannon, but aren’t all the best artists? You pour your whole self into your passion, perhaps to the neglect of things like, y’know, everyday life stuff. But hey, you can eat breakfast any time; right now, there are adventures to dream!

So, who’d you get? ^^ Share in the comments!

(Also, y’know, Goodreads giveaway, e-book sale for Kindle and Nook, more goodies coming on Thursday, yadda-yadda-yadda. Now tell me who you got!)

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

The “Inspired” blog tour marches on! (Or Aprils on, by now.) Why, just look at what went down this past week:

Friday saw me interviewed on the JeanzBookReadNReview blog, talking writing, inspiration, favorite characters, and more!

Monday on the blog of Julie Antonovich Reece, I guest posted on my favorite type of hero. (Spoiler alert: Robin Hood’s name may come up. …I may also have used the term “spoiler” somewhat loosely.)

And Wednesday, I reminisce with The Parasite Guy on “Inspired”s fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

We’ve still got a few tour stops still to come (full schedule available on my website’s homepage), and the fantastic book behind it all is still gloriously available for purchase. So if you feel thus inspired, make sure to get your copies!

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win awesome free “Inspired” goodies…of which I now have pics! Check out the charms on these bookmarks, baby (photographed with tons of love in an effort to make up for any lack of skill)!

Inspired Bookmark, Abishan

One lucky winner’s bookmark will come with this sweet kitty – the great jungle god Abishan, portrayed here in housecat form.

Inspired Bookmark, Wilbur

Another’s bookmark will sport the figure of a chess set knight, a fitting representation of the chivalrous Sir Wilbur.

Inspired Bookmark, Uri

Our gal Uri may not be overly endowed with charm, but with this rockin’ little skateboard  attached, this bookmark couldn’t scream “Uri” louder if it had a set of lungs!

Inspired Bookmark, Yves

Finding the right charm for Yves took some doing, but I think those who know him will agree that this little bird in its pretty cage suits the boy quite well indeed.

Inspired Bookmark, Annabelle

I haven’t forgotten Annabelle! What better for a young lady of letters than a charm like a journal in which to scribe her beloved words? ^.^

And for Luc… oh, for our muse Lucianíel, I could scarcely believe my good fortune when I happened upon this little gem. Whichever muse inspired the making of this entirely perfect trinket, thank you! A dozen-dozen times, thank you!

Inspired Bookmark, Luc

Like I said, folks: This is a giveaway you don’t wanna forget to enter!

Psst. Just curious: Which of the bookmark charms are your favorites? ^^


We’re into Week 3 of the “Inspired” blog tour! Coming up, you’ll get a brief overview of what’s gone down since… well, the last time I gave you an overview. ;D

BUT FIRST! An interview with my writing bestie who can as of late March call herself a published author.

Part One: Tirzah Duncan and Cry of the Nightbird

Nightbird cover, final

Me: Hello, Tirzah! Thanks for letting me drag you over here to show you off. Tell us: Whence came the idea for your newly-published novella, Cry of the Nightbird?

Tirzah: I don’t know if you remember this, but it started last year, when you were at a loss for what to write for a Camp NaNo novel. And I was trying to brainstorm with you, tossing out this idea and that.

Then I said, “Okay, how about a young female main character who’s got this major crush on a villain? And what if that villain…”

I went on to speak spoilers, so you don’t get to hear that bit. But suffice it to say the idea really captivated me. To my frustration, Danielle, you were not interested. Hang it, I thought, I want to read the story! If she won’t write it, then I guess I’ve got to.

Me: Haha, I do halfway remember that! Obviously, it was a cool idea, T. Just as obvious to me, the idea was meant for you, so good on ya for running with it! You’ve been writing for some years, now. What was it that pushed you to finally take the plunge and self-publish a story?

Tirzah: There’s a bit of a dual answer to that. One, a sudden fit of impatience. But I’m not sure whether that alone would have driven me through all the boring things like spending eight mind-numbing hours trying to get indents to show up properly in an e-format.

Tirzah Duncan. Writer. Adventurer. Mary Sue? -_0
Tirzah Duncan. Writer. Adventurer. Mary Sue? -_0

What pushed me through that sort of nonsense? Desperation. My fiancé was offered a job in Germany. “Shall I accept the adventure of a lifetime in Europe, or be convenient and stay stateside?” he essentially asked, and left the decision in my hands. Taking the job complicated wedding plans, by which I mean, would require a few thousand more dollars in plane tickets and moving expenses, getting him back and the two of us forth.

“ADVENTURE OR BUST! TAKE THE JOB!” I cried, and determined to see that we do not come up bust, I aim to earn the extra in e-book sales. Audacious, I know, but I will sell this baby door-to-door if that’s what I must do.

Me: Your life is such a novel, you know that? I mean, mine kind of is, too, now that “Inspired”s a thing, but yours is a novel with a European romance, doggone it! Moving on, before I die of envy… Character-centric gal that I am, I’ve gotta ask: Who’s your favorite character from the novella, and why?

Tirzah: Tough one… I tried to make most of them their own brand of excellent. But like the sharp young servant girl, Wren, I’m a sucker for confident, cut, and sorta-kinda kind criminal overlords. So I’ll have to go with Joreth.

(…To clarify, when I say “cut,” I refer to defined musculature, not “the results of coming out of a knife fight somewhat scathed,” of which that master of assassins has both.)

Me: Yum. *cough* Yup. I meant “yup”. *pulls gaze away from attractive killers* Anyhow. This isn’t the only tale you’ve written set in this world. What can you tell us about the other project, Ever the Actor, and when do you suppose it’ll join Nightbird on the market?

Tirzah: Well, remember what I said I’m a sucker for? Joreth isn’t the first of those I’ve written. Although I use the term “sorta-kinda kind” far more loosely for Syawn, my sociopath thief lord determined to keep up caring appearances.

Me: SYYY! *more coughing* Sorry, I must be coming down with something. Pray continue.

Tirzah: You can read the book’s blurb and some select excerpts here—and the elsewhere-unreleased prologue is included at the end of Cry of the Nightbird, wink wink, nudge nudge.

When will it come out? Let’s keep it to the ever-mysterious “Coming sooooon…”

Me: Until this portentous “soon” comes to pass, any last words, Ms. Duncan?

Tirzah: Hmm. How about, “Hey, check what I can do!” or “Nooo, I’m too young…” or perhaps “At least I published something before the end,” or “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!”

Bit of an odd question to end an interview on, though. Leads one to wonder if you put a hit out on me.

Me: Who, me? Never…

That’s “Cry of the Nightbird”, folks – available now!

Part Two: Meanwhile, on the “Inspired” blog tour…

Friday on the Ink Caster blog, my/Annabelle’s light elemental Luc went in for an illuminating chat with Tirzah Duncan’s thief lord Syawn.

Monday, the interview was mine, all mine! …and my hostess Aimee Laine’s, of course. X)

And Wednesday, all sensible Q&A practices went out the window, because this time the operation was run by Alexander Nader (who you may remember from when we got treated to Will Scarlet’s idea of an interview during Alex’s “Beasts of Burdin ” tour).

Plenty more tour stops still to come (full schedule available on my website’s homepage), and the fantastic book behind it all is still gloriously available for purchase. So if you feel thus inspired, make sure to get your copies!

P.S. – Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a chance to win awesome free “Inspired” goodies!

Tour for Two, and Two for Tour

It’s another twofer day! First up, a blog swap with author Jessica Dall. I’m on her blog talking about when classic tales are your writing inspiration. And she’s over here, talking about “The Copper Witch ”, her NaNoWriMo novel turned newly published novel! The floor is yours, Jessica.

Part One: The Copper Witch: A NaNo Novel

Jessica Dall

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a crazy time of year for those who have never experienced it. Writers from all walks of life come together to try to write 50,000 words in one month—which can either crash and burn, or actually leave you with a good start to a novel come the end of November. I was very lucky to find myself in the latter camp with my 2011 project, The Copper Witch.

A diehard pantser (someone who “flies by the seat of their pants” when it comes to writing), I started The Copper Witch with very little idea what my plot might be. A few weeks before I had been playing around on ancestry.com and found a name, Adela, which stuck with me for one reason or another. With thoughts of family lineage, this “Adela”, and November 1st arriving, I decided to start writing to see what came out.

Luckily, not having a plan at all didn’t seem to be a problem. I managed to churn out about 60,000 words in November leaving me about 70 percent of the way through what ended up being the original manuscript. Using the holidays to finish up, I started 2012 with something that actually wasn’t half bad for having been written in two months (sure, there were some scenes that had to be cut due to “NaNo babble” but all in all, the story worked). After a quick few rounds of edits/critiques (the critiques forum on the NaNo site is a great place to connect with critique partners) I was willing to consider shopping the manuscript.


While, from the start, I did have positive responses from publishers, I didn’t find anyone interested in offering a contract (or at least a contract I was interested in—there was a UK press who offered an ebook run with possible print run after I decided to pass on). With new story ideas popping up, and NaNo once again approaching, I set The Copper Witch aside for the time being and went back every once in a while to edit when the mood took me.

Come September 2013, I was introduced to 5 Prince Publishing through its founder, Bernadette Marie. After reading some about them, I remembered The Copper Witch, sitting there patiently on my laptop, and pulled it out to see what they thought. From there, it was only a couple weeks before The Copper Witch was sold along with the rest of the Broken Line series—just in time for Book 2 to be shoved onto the docket for NaNoWriMo 2013.

All things said, NaNoWriMo 2014 will be my seventh year in the program, and with the friends I have made there, and the books I have written, I don’t see any end to that involvement in sight. Especially not when I have the rest of this series to write.

The Copper Witch, available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance.

Part Two: Meanwhile, on the “Inspired” blog tour…

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Plenty more tour stops still to come (full schedule available on my website’s homepage), and the fantastic book behind it all is still gloriously available for purchase. So if you feel thus inspired, make sure to get your copies!


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