“Happy” or “A Year of Delights”

New Years Jar

Back around the end of 2012, I came across an online picture suggesting that people spend the coming year making note of their happy experiences and saving them in a jar, so they could look back at year’s end and be reminded of the good times.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m far more inclined to focus on and remember the bad/sad/angry/irritating times than the good ones. From my vantage point here at the beginning of a new year, I emotionally remember 2013 as, on the whole, a really rough, painful, depressing twelve months. So I’m glad I was inspired to keep my “happy things” jar. Even taking into consideration that I know I only recorded a small percentage of every single thing that brought a genuine smile out of me, it serves as evidence that the year’s valleys of despair weren’t entirely out of balance with victories both big and small.

New Years Jar, mine
My second happy note read, “[Mom] went + found a jar for these notes, and volunteered to wash it out for me.”
I won’t subject you to each and every one of the just shy of 100 little memos I kept in the jar. The following sampling will give you a pretty good idea of the kind of things that goes into the good side of the life of the wild Deshipley.

* * *

“Greeted Mom in the morning. She was excited, and we hugged.” – Jan. 1

(The very first happy note of the year.)


“Was brave and got a controversial thought out on an FB status.” – Jan. 2

(Dealing with the backlash wasn’t necessarily happy, but yay for courageous honesty.)


“Mom says we have mango.” – Jan. 3


“Got to talk w/ Tirzah for hours and share intense character emotions. Made me weep and everything.” – Jan. 3



(“They”, of course, being J. Taylor Publishing, and “A Morrow More” being my short story in our newly-released YA anthology, “One More Day”.)


“Found ‘Aladdin’ episode on YouTube that I’ve been wanting to see for ages.” – Feb. 8

(I had vague childhood recollections of this particular episode in need of resolution. That ghost of a memory can now rest in peace.)


“Legendary evidence of a Robin Hood in SCARLET came to light!” – Mar. 2

(That is to say, I read an article that said some old accounts made mention of a scarlet-wearing Robin Hood. As you might imagine, most of the excitement at this bit of trivia was Will Scarlet’s.)


The pile of goodness dumped from the jar on New Year's Eve.
The pile of goodness dumped from the jar on New Year’s Eve.

“Saw Yana’s first Villem sketch. It looks GRAND!” – Mar. 12

(Sooo much gratitude to Yana Naumova for helping to bring my Wilderhark Tales to life!)


“JTP asks for longer work!!! THEY CAME TO MEEEEEEE!” – Mar. 15

(So I sent them “Inspired”. The rest shall be history.)


“They said they’re gonna bring ROBIN HOOD to [ABC’s] ‘Once Upon a Time’!!!” – Mar. 24

(You might or might not be surprised at how many of the happy notes in the jar were in some way related to Robin Hood.)


“Many ‘lost’ files discovered on backup book thingy! Thank you, God and Daddy!” – May 17

(We won’t dwell on the traumatic laptop crash that led to this. Focus on the positive, focus on the positive…)


“Saw ‘WICKED’ w/ Daddy!” – Jun. 12


“Met a guy who worked on ‘LOTR’!!!” – July 7

(You never know who you’ll bump into at a Renaissance Faire. Amirite, my Outlaws of Avalon?)

Cataloging the happy notes in my journal for posterity.
Cataloging the happy notes in my journal for posterity.


“Died laughing w/ Jeannie about how rabid hot Edgwyn is. XD” – wee hours of Sept. 24

(That would be Jeannie of Edgwyn Pony fame. Hahaha, we can make Edgwyn so uncomfortable when we’re sleep-deprived…)


“Did I mention I found my [missing] mp3 player? ‘Cause I did.” – ~Oct. 20


“Driving in my car – beep, beep! – / Obeying the law sure is neat.

Hope no one wrecks into me!

Oh, wait a minute, here comes a car! / It’s my lucky day.

Plenty of time to get out of his way!” – Oct. 24

(This thing, guys. XD)


“Birthday surprises (hoodie, character greeting in bathroom, ocarina!) and shawarma. :D” – Oct. 30

(Because once you’ve seen the super-very-after-all-the-credits end of Marvel’s “Avengers”, there is no cooler birthday dinner than shawarma.)

* * *

How about you guys? What made you smile in 2013? And what do you anticipate you’ll have to smile about in the year to come? ^^

“Motley” or “A Little Bit of This and That. …Mostly That, Really”

I chose today’s main title for a variety of reasons – which is only appropriate, given the word’s first meaning: “Having elements of great variety or incongruity; heterogeneous.”

A motley minstrel boy!"Air of Attraction" by Michael Cheval.
A motley minstrel boy!
“Air of Attraction” by Michael Cheval.

It likewise means “having many colors; variegated; parti-colored”, which I like for no better reason than that I like the idea of colors. This adjective can also be a noun meaning “the parti-colored attire of a court jester”, which I like mainly because court jesters often have a minstrel-like role, and if you don’t know I love minstrels, than you haven’t been reading this blog for very long.

Say, does this happen to be the first time you’re reading this blog? If “yes”, hello! Welcome to Ever On Word! Don’t be a stranger. ^-^ If “no,” things around here may still look new to you because, for the second time since this blog’s beginning, I have changed its visual theme.

That’s one of the motley things I wish to mention today. Goodbye, “Connections”, hello, “Rusty Grunge”! Like the background? It’s custom-made. More details on that in a future post.

I also thought it was high time I verbally celebrated my 200th post! It’s a bit past due, I realize; post 200 went up on Christmas. But I’d call late better than never, in this case. So here’s a huzzah for my little milestone. When I hit my first hundred, I celebrated with some personal blog-related stats. In the name of tradition, let’s do it again! In the past hundred posts…

8 were related to publication of short stories of mine. Those short stories include fairytale-based “Mercy Denied” and “Tale as Old as Time”, mythology-inspired “Shadow Lights”, and, what I guess could both be categorized as somewhat supernatural, “Superpower Outage” and “Train of Thought”. 2012 was a good year, Deshipley-short-story-publication-wise. I’ll have to restock my supply of short fiction and keep an eye out for more places to submit!

– (Speaking of fiction, as I usually do), 18 were episodes of two serial stories: The first eight a fairytale comedy, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, the latter ten a whodunit inspired by my summer employment at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

– (Speaking of the Faire, which I also do a lot), 4 were dedicated to my real-life experience at Bristol, chronicling everything from my audition and the original monologue I performed to the development of my character and Rennie skills, and what a grand impact the summer has made on my life.

– Another 4 included pieces of non-serial original short fiction: The five-minute flash, “The Great Fountain of Dummar”; the spontaneous blog anniversary gift to myself, “The Mysterious Affair of Pansy’s Pearls”; modern parable “Belief or Truth”; and in the form of a poetic parody, my Christmas gift to my readers, “A Visit to Avalon Faire”.

– Another 8 included reviews: Seven book reviews (type “review” in the little search box if you wish to see them; there’s no elegant way to link to all that!), and one review of the latest (*cough* FREE *cough*) album from my favorite Christian rapper, t.Jay.

7 were “HYSRT!” (“Hey, You Should Read This!”) posts in accordance with my 2012 blog resolution to share posts by other bloggers that I felt, hey, you should read. I mean to continue such features throughout 2013, though I think I’ll back off the pressure of trying to find one for every time my posting day falls on a Saturday. Just whenever I randomly happen to find a gem I want to share will be often enough.

3 were guest posts by some of my characters, Bruno, Allyn-a-Dale, and Gant-o’-the-Lute. I’ll definitely have more characters do the talking for me in the future – one, because it’s fun to write in other voices; two, because now that I’ve let a few of the folks in my head have their say, I’ve got others who will be (and have been, Scarlet) clamoring for their turn.

So, that’s pretty much everything I wanted to say, and then some. To the readers who have joined me over the past year, thanks for coming along for the ride. To 2013, let’s do this thing!


Well, we’ve had our fun with reminiscence. Time, now, to turn our collective gaze “in a direction or toward a position that is ahead in space or time”.

            What’s in store for Deshipley in 2012?! …As far as life in general, I have no idea. Certainly, I have my hopes. More publications would be great – in magazines, anthologies, and of course, for my novels. I’ll probably get back to querying literary agents soon, so your prayers, well wishes, and/or hookups would be much appreciated.

          While I’m dreaming, I would also like a husband. Bums and creepers need not apply. And heck, I’ll take a cross-dimensional rift to Wilderhark, if there’s one to be had!

            Back in the realm over which I have a reasonable amount of control, what will the upcoming year mean for my blog baby, Ever On Word? Well, I’ve got some ideas…


            Talkin’ about “pictures, charts, or other presentations that appeal to the sense of sight”. Obviously, words will continue to take priority, here, same as they’ve always done. But this writer’s a visual girl, too! I enjoy the creation, or simply the viewing, of visual art. One is never too old for illustrations to go with their text! So from here on in, I’ll be keeping an eye out for apropos images to accompany my blog pieces. No promises that every single piece will have visuals, but you’ll definitely being seeing more of them around here.


            As I’ve mentioned in the past, titles don’t tend to come easily to me. I’ve hitherto kept the pressure down, around here, by limiting my blog titles to single words (barring the rare exception, like say, “Sequel 2”), and that’s been all very fine and dandy. But now that I’ve had a few months to warm up, I plan to take things a step further with a new titular formula: “Word” or “A secondary, usually explanatory title, as of a literary work”. This may ratchet up the challenge factor just a bit, but I think I’m up for it. (Or if I’m not, I’ll just leave Bruno in charge of the subtitles. That chapter title, as featured in “Title”, about the attacks of bloated frogs? That was all him. The character’s got skillz.)


            I am as yet undecided as to whether I shall “make a revision in the appearance of” this blog. To date, these lovely gradating blues and grays have been brought to you by the “Ocadia” theme. I have no quarrel with it; it was precisely what I was looking for, a third-of-a-year ago. However, I am fond of visual variety; the reason I invest in calendars over posters is that it ensures a monthly rotation of art upon my bedroom walls. If I found another theme as utterly me as is the one now in use, I could easily be persuaded to toss the old and embrace the new.

            But I desire to be sensitive to the preferences of my readership. Were I in your place, I might be dismayed at coming back to that lord among blogs I’ve been following (and oh, what bliss it’s been), only to discover that it looked all disquietingly different. So do please weigh in, readers! If the prospect of my switching themes on you makes your tummy hurt, I want to know about it! And if you’ve been thinking for months, “Minced biscuits, will this woman never lose the blankety-blank ‘Ocadia’?!”… wow, okay, you could have said something before now… You mad, bro? ( <– This link is a must-click. Best indie music video ever!)


            I may not go out knocking on people’s blogs and ask them to post pieces lovingly crafted by yours truly, but I am ever open to having such invitations extended to me. (I had a great time talking about character Q and A’s over at Andrea S. Michaels’ blog, back in November.) What’s more, it could be fun to be on the other side of things and play host to “one who is a recipient of hospitality at the home or table of another” of my own. So if anyone out there is interested in soliciting my words, or would like to organize a post swap, you’re always welcome to offer!


            That’s an acronym, folks, standing in for the phrase, “Hey, You Should Read This!” With a frequency yet to be determined – weekly or semimonthly, most likely – I would like to take the time to briefly direct everyone’s attention to some blog post I’ve found somewhere and deemed worthy of sharing. Why? Because I, for one, really love it when random people read, like, and/or share my writings, and I’m willing to bet that I’m not alone in this. (For the proof in the pudding – or rather, the blog post – read here.) But Blog Land is a very big place, and even this whole “Freshly Pressed” deal that WordPress has generously got going can only lift so many people out of obscurity. So I figure, why not jump in there and up somebody’s odds by linking them to my readers? Do unto others! Love thy fellow bloggers as thyself! You’re welcome in advance, countless happy strangers!

            And those, ladies and gentlemen, are my blog-related resolutions of sorts for the new year. Here’s to making Ever On Word, as we all move ever onward, an even more awesome place to hang in 2012 and beyond!

            Microphone on you, now: What sorts of plans have you got lined up for the year to come?