PerGoSeeMo Psalm 17

Psalm 17. Psalms 50:8-14

            You don’t really need another song.

You’ve had more throughout the ages

Than any but you could count –

From the sorrowfully substandard,

To the best Man has to offer,

To the “holy, holy, holy” from your hosts of heavenly seraphs.

            And surely any music you made –

A Holy Trinity trio,

Or a symphony from nothing –

Would reduce all man- and angel-kind to weeping,

Could their lesser ears discern it.

            What have I but words already written,

Melodies already strung,

Harmonies used over and over

Since the dawn of chords?

Sing him a new song” indeed.

            New to me, the song may be,

Slowly discovered, line by line,

A lyrical adventure…

Its surprise on me only.

            For your knowledge transcends silly things like time.

You knew the poetry I’d craft

While I’d yet to be crafted in the womb.

It’s all “been there, read that” for you;

Yours truly, last to know, as always.

            What to get the God who has it all?

You said, “I’ll take a ‘thank you’.”

            Thank you, then, with all my heart.

I’ll gift you with my gratitude.

I’ll wrap your praises up in verse,

And give it all my human best;

Present it with an eager smile

And eyes that shine with hoping that you’ll like it.

            And you’ll take it with gentle hands,

Exclaiming over the intent,

And add my scrap to the display on your divine refrigerator,

Loving gift for giver’s sake,

As those with children do.

            Oh, you.

            “Oh, you.”

            And it was then she re-knew she was precious.

PerGoSeeMo Psalm 16

Psalm 16. Psalms 40:3

            What is it about a new song

That makes me sing the louder,

That makes me sing the longer,

And never want to cease?

            What is it about a new song

Written in my own words,

Played out with my own hands

Upon piano keys?

            Is it in the creation?

In the lyrics? In the music?

In the whole of it that’s greater than

The joining of the parts?

            What is it about a new song

That you’ve urged us so to sing it,

And ever and again you’ve planted

New songs in our hearts?

            There’s something about a new song

That makes me want to share it –

That makes me want it heard by

Any and all around.

            There’s something about a new song

That captivates my mind

And fills my inner ear with

Nothing but the sound,

            Until it feels too much to keep

Inside a single person,

And I’ll have no rest until another’s

Heard the song I know.

            There’s something about a new song

That can’t be kept a secret.

Small wonder, then, you ever wish

New songs of you to grow.

PerGoSeeMo Psalm 10

Psalm 10. “UN-titled” by Kate Mardis, Chapters 21-22

            Where do you speak?

In swells of strings

And winds that breathe

To shimmering surges of light made sound.

            Where are you seen?

In fairy dust

Sprinkled over the world in the hours past dusk

In a sky so high and dark and wide,

How could anyone think such a sight made itself?

            Where do you speak?

In the same old words

I’ve read a hundred times and heard

Repeated in a score of ways –

In Southern tones, in Scottish brogue,

In sermons, on the radio…

All that, and there can still be new!

            Where are you seen?

In smiles and hugs

And tears and aches for someone loved;

In kindness I haven’t merited

From my Creator or created.

            Where do you speak?

Inside the story

Others tell to give you glory,

Bravely sharing secret pain

That someone else, thereby, may gain

A greater sense of greatness that

They saw somewhere that you are seen.

            Where are you seen? Where do you speak?

Wherever I stop to look and listen.

Wherever my eyes and ears are open,

There, too, will you be,

Waiting for me.