PerGoSeeMo Psalm 26

Psalm 26. Ezekiel 3:10-11

            Listen to the words the Lord has given;

Listen to the words he’s placed inside;

And though all other ears be closed,

I’ll sing the song that I’ve been told.

            Sing to me, O God, and let the music seep;

Let it sink down deep

And permeate me.

Take your pen and ink, and let no other stain me;

Alone sustain me,

That I may heap

            My praises unto you

As long as I have aught to give –

For all my everlasting life

It’s only thanks to you I’ll live.

            Listen to the words the Lord has given;

Listen to the words he’s placed inside;

And though all other ears be closed,

I’ll sing the song that I’ve been told.

            Whisper in my mind, and let me always hear;

Let the sounds come clear,

So there’s no mistaking.

Scribe upon my heart what you would have me take

In my hands and make

Into offerings

            And praises unto you

As long as I’m possessed of breath –

For all my everlasting life

I owe to your defeat of death.

            Listen to the words the Lord has given;

Listen to the words he’s placed inside;

And though all other ears be closed,

I’ll sing the song that I’ve been told.

PerGoSeeMo Psalm 16

Psalm 16. Psalms 40:3

            What is it about a new song

That makes me sing the louder,

That makes me sing the longer,

And never want to cease?

            What is it about a new song

Written in my own words,

Played out with my own hands

Upon piano keys?

            Is it in the creation?

In the lyrics? In the music?

In the whole of it that’s greater than

The joining of the parts?

            What is it about a new song

That you’ve urged us so to sing it,

And ever and again you’ve planted

New songs in our hearts?

            There’s something about a new song

That makes me want to share it –

That makes me want it heard by

Any and all around.

            There’s something about a new song

That captivates my mind

And fills my inner ear with

Nothing but the sound,

            Until it feels too much to keep

Inside a single person,

And I’ll have no rest until another’s

Heard the song I know.

            There’s something about a new song

That can’t be kept a secret.

Small wonder, then, you ever wish

New songs of you to grow.

PerGoSeeMo Psalm 15

Psalm 15. Psalms 34:1-9; Matthew 6:33

            Oh, that I’d sing like this now and always! –

My spirit shouting praises though my smiling mouth is still;

That I’d hold onto this high in the low times.

Help me to remember; I pray I ever will.

            You gave me heart when I raised my weary eyes

From the dale of discouragement and far beyond the hills;

When I determined to tell of your greatness,

Exalting your name as I pray I ever will.

            I cried in my suffering – knowing well you heard me –

Straining for an answer I may now begin to hear:

Not a “yes”, less a “no”, more a “wait until you seek me;

Trust me in the dark that I may teach you not to fear.”

            You gave me words far too long lying dormant,

Silent inside where none – not even I – could hear.

You pulled the rocks from the dam that blocked a river

Of love due you whether I’m glum or of good cheer.

            Oh, that I could hug you even tighter than you hold me,

The squeeze bringing release from this joyous overspill!

That I could look you in the eye and whisper, “Thank you,”

Showing gratitude as I pray I ever will.


Another surprise on me, readers: I have been gifted with the Versatile Blogger award!

Isn't it purty?

            Apparently, one of my buddies here in BlogLand, Amy Lee Bell of “Full Circle Homeschooling” considers me “capable of doing many things competently”, or perhaps thinks of me as “having varied uses or serving many functions”. Or maybe Ever On Word merely adds a bright spot to her day, in which case, I am grateful, honored, and performing an internal happy dance. Thank you, Amy!

            Here, I am told, is how the award works:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.

Give this award to 15 recently discovered bloggers.

Contact those bloggers and let them in on the news.

            Righteo – 7 things about Deshipley that you didn’t even know how much you wanted to know until I told you:

1) My earliest memory involves a book. It also involves my first little sister being born, but come on – the infant in that very high hospital bed, or the shiny picture book with the pig in a dress balancing on a big circus ball: Which one’s gonna be more important to a not-quite-3-year-old?

2) I sing tenor in my church’s young-adult choir. I can’t project loudly enough in falsetto to sing soprano, as my youngest sister does. I could put up with alto like my other sister (the one who came in second to the circus pig), but they’ve got more than enough girls over there as is, and I like to sing low. (I’ll never forget that time I got laryngitis and was actaully able to force my half-lost voice down to notes I’d never been able to hit before in that Barry Manilow song. I felt like a bass man!). So I joined the dudes in the tenor section. Yay for being one of the guys!

3) I’m frustrated because I had to take ten minutes out from writing this blog piece to clean up the mess my geriatric dog made on our brand new carpet. Incidentally, we adopted our oversized, mostly black Shetland sheepdog ten years ago today. Happy anniversary, Max! He’s gone from being painfully shy (we believe he’d been abused), to sweet and happy (but still quiet; he’s barked maybe all of three times since we’ve known him), to a senile coot with major attitude and minor bladder control (again, still quiet, though the looks he gives us speak volumes). He sheds enough to make a brand new carpet, and I guess he’s holding out to die until he’s killed one of us by slipping silently underfoot while we’re holding a knife or something. Gotta love that dog.

4) I’d earned a 3rd-kyu brown belt in Shotokan karate before my father finally let me quit. Dad’s a martial arts enthusiast. His daughters aren’t, but that didn’t save us. I was continually surprised when I advanced in the ranks at our old dojo; I guess my lack of true dedication only held my skill back so much. Along the way, I picked up all sorts of Japanese words and phrases that I’ve since forgotten, got covered in sweat that wasn’t always my own, and had the image of a decapitated head in a water pitcher seared into my brain thanks to having watched “The Mask of Zorro” during the summer camp in which I earned my green belt (as big a shock as the brown belt that followed). Maybe I developed a bit of discipline, too, but that’s not the part I play up to Dad.

5) Before I knew I wanted to be an author, I wanted to be a nanny (because I love babies). Or a farmer (because I was obsessed with animals). Or an actress (because I’m a ham). Or a librarian (because I thought a love of books was all one needed to be perfectly happy in such a position. I’ve been wrong before). Or an architect, interior designer, or landscaper (because it was so much fun with Legos and “Sims” computer games). Or Aladdin (because… he’s Aladdin). Part of me kinda wants to be an animator (ideally, one that exists back in time, during the Disney Renaissance kicked off by “The Little Mermaid”; I could’ve at least drawn Aladdin!), but there are only so many hours in a day, and I want the lion’s share of those hours to be spent writing. (See “Passion”.) Author it is, then!

6) I love making lists like this. Mostly to do with the orderliness of it, I think. Order in words makes me happy. And doesn’t everything just look more legitimate if you’ve got it all lined up and numbered? Whipping out a list is power, bwa-ha-ha-ha! (Insert thunderclap here.)

7) My best friend is flying in today to spend the week with me!!! She’ll be here before the evening’s out! It’ll be the first time we’ve ever seen each other face-to-face! (Skype doesn’t count.) I’m so excited! My characters are giddy! My Tirzah is coming, hooray!

            And now, for the fifteen blogs with creators on whom I would like to confer the Versatile Blogger award. (If you’ve already earned one from somewhere… yay, more than one for you!) In alpha order:

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            Drat! I’ve run dry on new blogs to showcase. (“New” in the sense that they’ve never received an award through Ever On Word before.) Well, I’m bound to add a couple more blogs to my roster of favorites eventually. In the meantime, congrats to today’s winners for their versatility and/or day-brightening words. Let’s all keep it comin’, friends. (: