PerGoSeeMo Psalm 25

Psalm 25. Jeremiah 1:4-9

            Are my words yours?

Have you chosen me to speak them?

Picked me out to say them

Before I lived to do so?

            Was every letter planned,

And not only incidental?

All my childhood scribblings,

Stepping stones placed with intent?

            Are my fantasies guided

To be your fables?

Have you given fiction

That I may reveal your truths?

            Is my ad-libbing in perfect keeping

With your timeless script?

What a comforting yet eerie thought that is.

PerGoSeeMo Psalm 10

Psalm 10. “UN-titled” by Kate Mardis, Chapters 21-22

            Where do you speak?

In swells of strings

And winds that breathe

To shimmering surges of light made sound.

            Where are you seen?

In fairy dust

Sprinkled over the world in the hours past dusk

In a sky so high and dark and wide,

How could anyone think such a sight made itself?

            Where do you speak?

In the same old words

I’ve read a hundred times and heard

Repeated in a score of ways –

In Southern tones, in Scottish brogue,

In sermons, on the radio…

All that, and there can still be new!

            Where are you seen?

In smiles and hugs

And tears and aches for someone loved;

In kindness I haven’t merited

From my Creator or created.

            Where do you speak?

Inside the story

Others tell to give you glory,

Bravely sharing secret pain

That someone else, thereby, may gain

A greater sense of greatness that

They saw somewhere that you are seen.

            Where are you seen? Where do you speak?

Wherever I stop to look and listen.

Wherever my eyes and ears are open,

There, too, will you be,

Waiting for me.