In Which You Meet 3 New Gals from “The Seventh Spell”

Only 2 days until the release of “The Seventh Spell”! The third Wilderhark Tale is full of old faces and new, including those of the three lovely ladies who grace the novella’s set of beautiful custom bookmarks (thanks as always to Wilderhark artist Yana Naumova). Anyone up for a quick who’s-who of the new girls? ^^ Then allow me to facilitate the preliminary introductions.

Viralei, color final

Name: Viralei.

Occupation (when not otherwise enchanted): Crown Princess of Carillon.

You May Have Heard Some Rumor of Her in the Tale of…: Jack and the Beanstalk.

Predicament: Cursed into a singing harp of gold.

Biggest Fear: That she’ll be trapped in harp form forever.

Best Hope: The fearless young man who saved her once before.

<> ~ <> ~ <>

Millyanna, color final

Name: Millyanna.

Occupation (when not otherwise enchanted): Queen of Terrestaire.

You May Have Heard Some Rumor of Her in the Tale of…: Rumplestiltskin.

Predicament: Wrongful imprisonment.

Biggest Fear: That she’s lost her chance at love with Terrestaire’s king.

Best Hope: A miracle.

<> ~ <> ~ <>

Aurabella, color final

Name: Aurabella.

Occupation (even while enchantments run amok): Princess of Anuranda.

You May Have Heard Some Rumor of Her in the Tale of…: The Frog Prince.

Predicament: Memory loss.

Biggest Fear: That she’ll lose her self-perceived rank of “prettiest princess”.

Millyanna stares at her in disbelief. “Really? The whole world’s turned upside-down by the Seventh Spell, and that’s what you’re worried about?”

“Very funny,” says Aurabella, smiling complacently. “If the world were upside-down, wouldn’t we be falling into the sky?”

Viralei interjects musically, “One might say that, more or less,

That’s just what I did. Therefore, yes!

Best Hope: Well, she hasn’t heard any princesses called prettier than her so far… (Millyanna shakes her head. Viralei’s head can’t move, so she merely sighs.)

<> ~ <> ~ <>

The character journeys continue on Wednesday, February 5th, Release Day for “The Seventh Spell (Book Three of The Wilderhark Tales)”!