Up There with the Best of ‘Em

After I-forget-how-long of knowing this was coming but waiting until I had more details to begin blasting the news from the rooftops, I am all kinds of pleased to announce…

Best of LSQ

(That’s “The Best of Luna Station Quarterly: The First Five Years”, for those who for whatever reason can’t see the “ooh-ah”-worthy cover image.)

Luna Station Press is proud to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our flagship Quarterly with this special anthology. The writers gathered in these pages, from every corner of the globe, are explorers of wonder, magic, and places beyond the stars. They are also explorers of what makes us human, in heart, mind, and spirit. Come explore the best we have to offer, as we look back fondly on the last five years and look ahead at what’s to come. Featuring fifty stories by emerging women writers, with cover art by Hugo award-winner Julie Dillon.

Longtime Ever On Wordians may or may not recall it, but it is Luna Station Quarterly, online speculative fiction magazine for authorial women of all stripes, that bears the distinction of being the first entity ever to accept and publish a Danielle E. Shipley short story – the hundred-word flash fic “Still Broken”, subsequently republished in “The Sky-Child and Other Stories (A Wilderhark Tales Collection)”. Since then, it’s been my honor to contribute a number of posts to the LSQ blog, as well as two more short stories – one of which also appears (in much-expanded form) in “The Sky-Child”, the other of which appears… that’s right… within “The Best of Luna Station Quarterly” anthology.

Anyone remember “Train of Thought”, my short-‘n’-sweet companion piece to “INSPIRED”? Well, editor Jennifer Parsons set me squealing by ranking it among her top fifty LSQ stories to date! Color me chuffed – and that goes for Luc and Annabelle, too.

So, who wants a copy of this big, bad fella? It can be yours via Amazon or direct from LSQ – (the latter comes with a coupon code!) – all proceeds to benefit the ongoing production of Luna Station Quarterly.

Who knows? Maybe with your support, another crazy little writer gal will earn her first publication credit in this online mag. ^_^

“Winner!” or “Of Cookies, Milk, and Thresholder Imps”

Well, it’s crystal clear what’s happened here: All those folks who were totally planning to enter my e-book giveaway just as soon as they took care of a quick little thing in the next room had the notion snatched right out of their heads by their resident thresholder imps. Somewhere, out there, a muse is inspiring an artist to do a piece prompted by the phrase “cookies and milk”. And meanwhile, the would-be entrants’ loss is one winner’s gain.


Congratulations to Ben of the Story Multiverse blog, “one that wins, especially a victor in sports or a notably successful person” of “Cookies and Milk, Volume 2” AND “Cookies and Milk, Volume 3”! Enjoy your prizes, good sir!

And for anyone feeling bummed because they missed out on getting these e-books free, there is yet good news: You can always purchase the books at give-or-take two bucks each – and even pick up “Volume 1”, while you’re at it! All three volumes are now available in paperback, too. Remember, all the proceeds go to the charity Equipe.

Thanks for your participation, readers. Now get back to your Friday. (:

“Train” or “All Aboard the Inspiration Express”

Where does a story idea start?

Real life answer: I might, for example, lament to my mother that I wish I were writing a short story. She would then offer up whatever ideas came most readily to mind in an effort to jumpstart my creative process. Some (read: most) of those ideas will be ridiculous beyond comprehension. Others will sound almost useable. And there are yet others that never make it out of her mouth, denied passage by her less than golden short-term memory.

This may prompt me to mention having read somewhere that people are more likely to forget a thing after having just passed through a doorway, which will in turn prompt Mother Dear to ask, “Why could that be?” Obviously, we’ll decide, it’s because some invisible creature lurking in the threshold is snatching our thoughts as we go by. (The only logical explanation, really.) And from that “orderly succession of related events”, I’ll have my story.

Fantastic answer: I would with humble pride suggest that you read my short story in the latest issue of Luna Station Quarterly to find out. (;